The Encampment (2022)


In-Person Event | October 21 – 24, 2022 | Estes Park, Colorado, USA


The 2022 Encampment begins Friday, October 21st, at 10:00 AM, and ends Monday, October 24th, at 12:00 PM Mountain Time in beautiful Estes Park, CO, USA – at the YMCA of the Rockies near the high altitudes of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Students of the New Message are invited to this immersion experience with the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers, his family, and students from around the world.

On retreat from everyday life, in the spectacular setting of the Rocky Mountains, you will have the chance to explore the greater direction and purpose of your life.

Together, we will delve into our relationship with Knowledge and build connections with others in the Worldwide Community of students who are responding to the New Message at this increasingly critical time in the world.

The Encampment is for people who have been impacted by the New Message and feel their journey in life may be connected to studying the New Message and supporting its mission in the world.

To be prepared for this high-level environment with the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers and to build a concentrated environment, please familiarize yourself with the prerequisites and the recommendations.

Covid Related Requirements

— We require that you send a photocopy of a negative PCR or Antigen Covid test within 72 hours of the event, even if fully vaccinated.
— Send the photocopy of your PCR or Antigen Covid test to
— As of now, masks are not required, but that may change given Covid developments. The Society will provide you with a mask if needed.

The Society is taking this precaution on behalf of the protection and well-being of all people attending the Encampment.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance, as a protection to you, if you should become sick and unable to travel.

Prerequisites and Recommendations

– Actively engaged in reading the New Message from God and/or studying Steps to Knowledge.
– Actively participating in the Worldwide Community of students (for example advocating, volunteering, translating, financial giving, and participating at
– Intention and readiness to participate with the focus of the Encampment.

We also recommend that you read some of the following texts in preparation to attend the 2022 Encampment:

Please Note These Deadlines

– The deadline to apply to attend the Encampment is September 30, 2022.
– The deadline for final registration and payment is October 7, 2022.


2022 Encampment Application