Emissaries from the Greater Community

Emissaries from the Greater Community

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There are great spiritual forces in the Greater Community— individuals and even nations that have achieved very high states of accomplishment, far beyond what humanity has demonstrated thus far. But they do not come and take control of other worlds. They do not represent political and economic forces in the universe. They are not involved in commerce beyond fulfilling their own fundamental needs. They rarely travel, except in situations of emergency.

Emissaries are sent to help those who are emerging into the Greater Community, emissaries such as ourselves. And there are spiritual emissaries as well—the power of the Unseen Ones, who can speak to those who are ready to receive and who show good heart and good promise. This is how God works in the universe.

You are entering a difficult new environment. Your world is very valuable to others. You will need to protect it. You will need to preserve your resources so that you do not require or depend upon trade with other nations for the fundamental necessities of your life. If you do not preserve your resources, you will have to relinquish much of your freedom and self-sufficiency.

Your spirituality must be sound. It must be based upon real experience, for values and beliefs, rituals and traditions can be used and are being used by your visitors for their own purpose.

From The Allies of Humanity Briefings: Book One, The Fourth Briefing

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on November 14, 2012 at 10:55 am

    This quote needs to be emphasized quite a bit. Preserving resources through recycling will eventually become legally mandatory and the responsibility of manufacturers (not consumers) to make products readily recyclable.

    What is this planet’s greatest resource? It is the bodies and especially the souls of human beings. The alien idea is to ultimately attract as many persons as possible to enlarge their own populations with worker/servants who possess superior minds and brains.

    We happen to be at a point in history which corresponds to the literary drama “Faust.” Scientists are looking to the skies for other life forms much as Faust looked for something more after searching through the world’s philosophies and religions. With Mephistopheles he was given more than he expected, much as today’s scientists will be given much more than they hoped for. In fact, it has already started with the recovery of crashed alien vehicles and bodies; these were actually orchestrated to crash to involve the major governments of the planet with aliens (the Mephistopheles of Faust). Unfortunately
    Mephistopheles succeeds in bringing Faust permanantly to hell (in other words outside of any human culture or religion). This will not be the fate of all scientists – the ones dedicated to the truth will avoid the trap. The others who only want scientifically infallible explanations, not the real truth, will succumb.

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