Do Not Deceive Yourself

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The visitors are fundamentally practical in their approach. This is both a strength and a weakness. As we have observed them, both here and elsewhere, we see that it is difficult for them to deviate from their plans. They are not well adapted to change, nor can they deal with complexity very effectively. Therefore, they carry out their plan in an almost careless manner, for they feel that they are in the right and that they have the advantage. They do not believe that humanity will mount resistance against them—at least not resistance that will affect them greatly. And they feel that their secrets and their agenda are well preserved and are beyond human comprehension.

They wish to unite humanity but only in accordance with their own participation and activities in the world. To them, human unity is a practical concern. They do not value diversity in cultures; they certainly do not value it within their own cultures. Therefore, they will attempt to eradicate it or minimize it, if possible, wherever they are exerting  their influence.

Attempting to promote uniformity and conformity, the visitors will rely on those institutions and those values that they feel are the most stable and practical for their use. They are not interested in your ideas, and they are not interested in your values, except insofar as these things might further their agenda. Do not deceive yourself in thinking that they are drawn to your spirituality because they lack such things themselves. This would be a foolish and perhaps fatal mistake.

From The Allies of Humanity, Book One, Fourth Briefing.

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on June 26, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    Who are most vulnerable to the aliens? Those having no regard for culture, moral values, religion, government, or almost any human organization. These will accept the alien’s gifts of psychic development, a more genetically perfect body, and extremely high intelligence in exchange for their human destiny and soul. This will not be a deception or illusion, but a very real temptation. They will get what they bargained for, just as Adam and Eve actually had their eyes opened by eating the forbidden fruit. Their destiny will be as an insectoid or reptoid creature devoid of any human feelings or other considerations.

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