The Discovered Race

The Discovered Race

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Look at the history of the peoples of your world, the native peoples of the world, those who simply acquiesced and said, “Oh, yes, fine. Welcome. Move on in. We’ll live here, and you can live over there, and everything will be fine.”

Look what happened here. Is this new scenario really very different?

It is a very difficult situation to be the race that is discovered, to be the natives of a new world, being visited by others who seek the values and wealth and opportunities of the new world. Such is the predicament that humanity is in now.

Yet is this a great tragedy? It could become a great tragedy, depending on how people respond.

However, it is also a great opportunity, for the presence of forces from the Greater Community intervening into human affairs is really the one great chance for humanity to unite itself and to become strong in its own defense.

It takes something of this magnitude to overcome the tribal animosities and histories between cultures. It takes something greater, a greater problem, to unite people.

The Allies of HumanityBook Two, The Third Commentary.

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