Develop Resistance to Persuasion

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The Intervention will come to exploit you and to take advantage of your expectations and your naiveté. Therefore, you must be very wary here and very cautious. It is these powers of persuasion and powers of influence in the mental environment that will have such a great impact upon human thinking, human expectations and human emotions.

Here you either make yourself available to such persuasion, or you recognize you must resist it. Here humanity’s approach will make all the difference, for truly a small non-military force could gain ascendancy in the world without the use of force. It could do this through the power of persuasion and by offering the native people things that they think they want. This is how native peoples have been seduced throughout human history by other intervening powers.

Now you are facing intervening forces from the universe, whose persuasion is much more sophisticated and much more powerful. If you are in their proximity, they can control your thinking, your feelings and your perception. This is the power they have of influence in the mental environment.

You can withstand this power because of the presence of Knowledge within yourself, the Knowledge that the Creator of all life has placed within you.

Begin the preparation by reading The Allies of Humanity Briefings in depth and concurrently engaging in Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing.

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  1. D Posted on April 7, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    Dear Society,
    Something is not fair here. If there are rules in the Universe saying one cannot interfere with a planet without everyone’s permission, why can several predatory races be allowed to be active on our planet in clandestine ways? If the Greater Community recognizes this, to the extent of sending us a warning, why isn’t this reported as illegal and those aliens told to back off? Why do the Allies have to withdraw but the manipulating aliens be allowed to stay and take advantage of human ignorance, greed and corruption? If humans are to be given a chance to save our planet than the Greater Community needs to reveal what’s really going on here. Humans are clearly no match for any sophisticated mental persuasions you have spoken about and given the state of our world, the majority of uneducated peoples will easily be “pacified.” If ethically advanced races are allowed to inform emerging races about the Greater Community I feel it needs to be done in a much stronger way because our “fundamental rights are being violated in a far greater degree than (we) realize.” Those who are responding to the messages of Knowledge will not be able to develop if corrupt humans continue to allow and even support the visitors’ agendas. I love this planet and value our beautiful resources but can see how easily we will lose it all without a stronger response from our Allies. Humans should be given a chance to save planet Earth before the Visitors are allowed to take over control. I value all of Marshall Vian Summers’ work and hope he can help get us a chance to save our home.
    Thank you for your time with my message.

  2. Mary S Posted on June 6, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    D, these are really good questions–each one calls for its own dialogue. Have you signed up for the Free School? It’s free in every way, no requirements at all. It’s a better venue for exploring at the level these questions are coming from, showing a lot of thought. The answers become an unraveling of even more questions, and it’s a pleasure to be a part of that process with each other.

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