You Will Have to Cool the Planet

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You are living in a global emergency. This growing world emergency can ruin your economies. It can lead to mass starvation and death. It can lead to warfare, perpetual warfare, on a scale that has never been seen here before. It can create calamities so violent and continuous, as if nature were thrashing out against humanity, imperiled now by what humanity has created—the world it has created, the change it has created, the destruction it has created—wrought upon other life and now upon itself.

It is not enough to just focus on ending poverty, or bringing greater justice where it is needed in so many places. It is not enough to just use the world more wisely. It is not enough to cease pollution alone.

You are going to have to cool the planet—a task far beyond what has ever been achieved, but still achievable. But it will require a radical redistribution of resources, a redirection of human will and purpose, a great utilization of all of humanity’s science and capabilities. You are going to have to cool the planet.

The global emergency will change everything that humanity is doing right now. You will have to replant the forests and restore the soils and cleanse the rivers. People will have to live very simply, for all the wealth of the world will be spent on this.


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Author: tyyne