“Compassion is choosing a greater response to a greater problem.”

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“Given the enormity of the change at hand and the great requirements being placed on humanity at this time to meet its own internal needs and to meet the challenges of emerging into the Greater Community, it is quite essential to emphasize the importance of developing great compassion.
Change is difficult, even under more normal circumstances. It is often resisted and usually feared. It involves uncertainty and often generates blame and condemnation. People rarely undertake change willingly or intentionally.

Why complain that the world is changing when this gives you your only true hope of advancement? When the world changes, you cannot stay where you are. Whether you are comfortable or uncomfortable at this moment, you cannot stay where you are.

This is a time to directly participate, and this will require a special preparation, great companions and a decision on your part to participate in the world’s emergence into the Greater Community, to participate in the unification of human society and to participate in the reclamation of your physical environment in ways that are specific to your nature and deeper inclinations.
Compassion is choosing a greater response to a greater problem. It is choosing a greater response than the one that you may automatically feel as a result of a new or demanding experience. Learning not to judge here is very important.

This is not a time for indecision. This is not a time for ambivalence. This is a time for commitment, a time for inner resolution, a time to move forward. There are many things you know already you must do. It is time to do them. That is your starting point. Do what you know today, and then you will know something tomorrow. Do what you know tomorrow, and then you will know something the next day. This is how Knowledge is reclaimed.

Those who are wise and compassionate have faced their own suffering and have passed through it. Now they can face the suffering of the world and contribute to its resolution—not simply because they have good ideas, but because they have traveled the way and have found resolution and the way out.”

from Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II, Chapter 18

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