Climate Change: The Race to Save Human Civilization

What is really happening?

Great waves of environmental, social and economic change and upheaval are converging upon the world which have the power to destroy human civilization. We have set in motion a runaway climate crisis that has the power to destroy human civilization. We have time, but not much time. In fact, time is running out.

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Is there a solution?

You are the solution. In fact, you carry within you a spiritual power and intelligence that holds the key to finding and fulfilling your part of the solution. Perhaps you have felt the stirring of this inner power within you. Perhaps you feel strongly that you have a calling to serve the world at this time, but are unsure how and where this service will emerge. Isn’t it time now that you found out what this was?

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The spiritual power of humanity must emerge now

The human spirit is dormant in too many people. The power of spirit is not emerging in the human family as it must at this time of overwhelming change in the world. Humanity has become weak at heart, lacking the courage, determination and inspiration to act and make the changes needed to avoid the global environmental catastrophe that is approaching us. Something must call forth this spiritual power.

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A new hope is in the world.

As a result God has spoken again, bringing into the world a message of love and preparation to awaken the spiritual power at the heart of each person, in every religious tradition. It is this spiritual power that holds the key to any united global action in response to Climate Change. A higher authority is now calling us to awaken to our higher purpose in service to the world. With this there is new hope for humanity.

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