Wisdom from the Greater Community

Achieving Peace

Peace is the full enjoyment of your natural mind and the complete utilization of your opportunity to be in the world. At the very core of this experience is stillness. From this stillness emanates a potency of action that is rarely to be matched in the world. So at the very core of peace, it… Read More

Religion as Education

We are going to treat the subject of religion with a particular emphasis—as an arena of education rather than as a system of belief or a set of ideas or hopeful expectations. As education, religion requires the introduction of new ideas and their application to real life situations and the adoption of certain practices for… Read More

Provoking Change

Obviously, change is something that is happening all around you, but We want to focus on the kind of change that you yourself must instigate. There is much change that is happening to you that is beyond your control, not only in your environment and your world, but within you as well. Something is happening.… Read More


Healing is a subject We do not often address because of how people approach it. There are many ideas—even philosophies—about healing. Beyond the purely mechanical repair of the physical body, there is a great deal of speculation on the cause and nature of illness and the reparation of illness. Remedies vary depending on how far… Read More


We find disappointment to be a very great opportunity. Because it is a natural fact of life that you will encounter disappointment, it must then be seen as an advantage, not always something you can appreciate at the outset, but an advantage nonetheless. There is very great effort by many people to avoid disappointment at… Read More


Developing stillness is very essential to the cultivation of Knowledge and to the resolution of personal difficulties. We have not talked about stillness a great deal because many people are not yet practitioners in the reclamation and development of Knowledge. Stillness is relevant because it will give you an emphasis to use in developing your… Read More

Happiness in the World

For those of you who are beginning to develop an inner life and an inner sensitivity, it can be more difficult being in the world. You are becoming more sensitive now. The harshness of physical life is more abrasive to you, and you seek retreat more than stimulation. People ask, “How can I be happy… Read More

Forgiveness (WB1)

We would like to provide a framework for you to look at forgiveness and an opportunity for you to see its relevance to your development and happiness. There is a great deal of idealism about forgiveness these days. Many people who have developed an understanding of spiritual thought have studied books and teachings which deal… Read More

Enduring Happiness

There are many different pursuits of happiness. There is such a great investment in trying to avoid pain and achieve happiness. When you think about it, there are so many occupations, interests, hobbies and pursuits aimed at achieving happiness that it seems like a very big subject. But it really isn’t. Achieving happiness is very… Read More

Power and Responsibility

Many people’s interest in personal development, in spiritual growth and in cultivating their abilities is associated with the issue of power. It is very essential that you realize that power and responsibility are intrinsically tied together. You cannot separate them. Power is the ability to take care of people. That is the definition of power… Read More