Volume 6


Work is the essential activity of life. What you do for work, who you work with and for what purpose you work determine the essential value that you will experience in life. Work is natural. It is necessary, and it is the foundation of your existence here. To think otherwise is to miss the point about life. It is to misunderstand your purpose for coming here, the value that you bring with you and the opportunity for relationship that your work provides for you.

A Word from the Publisher

New Knowledge Library is focused on connecting spirituality to the real world – Since the economic crash of 2008 and with the growing instability of environment, resources and economies, readers of the New Age genre are being forced to think about their spiritual work and purpose within an unforgiving “real world” context. For the young,… Read More

Wisdom from the Greater Community Book 2

Wisdom from The Greater Community Book Two concentrates on the needs of a world in transition as the greater context for finding your higher purpose in life and resolving personal dilemmas. It speaks of the larger arena of intelligent life called the Greater Community (What is the Greater Community?) and provides the insights and perspective necessary… Read More

Wisdom from the Greater Community Book 1

Wisdom from The Greater Community Book One is a wise and compassionate guide for discovering the New Message teaching on the power of relationship and inner certainty in everyday life. Wisdom from The Greater Community Book One speaks to that persistent feeling that there is something important to do in life. It provides a Greater Community… Read More