Volume 5


What does discretion mean? It means the ability to know when to speak and when not to speak. Can you recall a time when you said something and then regretted saying it? Can you recall a time when you said something to someone and then realized that it was the wrong thing to say? Perhaps… Read More


There is a lesson in Steps to Knowledge that concentrates on the idea, “The quality of my relationships determines the quality of my life.” Spend some time now and consider this idea. As you think about it, do not only think of the people with whom you are now engaged in relationship. Include, as well,… Read More


Now we shall speak about owning things and having things in the world. First of all, let us say that there is nothing you could possibly possess that is nearly as valuable or that in any way can compare with the value of Knowledge and Wisdom. You must develop Wisdom in order to experience Knowledge… Read More


To move towards realizing the real depth and purpose of your life, you must move away from ambition. It is wonderful to attain personal goals and to acquire things. It is wonderful, but only for a short time. Securing these things carries with it a great price, part of which you pay at the outset… Read More

Giving 2

Now I would like to talk about giving, a particularly appropriate subject for this time of year when there is a tremendous sense of obligation to give, anticipation of giving and the reminder of the value of giving itself. It is also a time for people to take inventory of their ability to give, their… Read More

Giving 1

I would like to talk about giving in the sense of what has been given to you. Each of you has come from your Spiritual Family into this world to play your part in this era of human evolution. You have come with problems to solve, but more importantly you have come bringing the memory… Read More


Love is a subject we have not spoken of directly before for a very specific reason. The reason is that love requires some preparation to comprehend its power and magnitude. The problem with love is that people try to love. They try to be loving. They even try to be loved. It does not work… Read More

Service in the World

Now we will talk about service in the world, a very big subject. We are here for a specific purpose in our service to the world. Like other Teachers at our level, we are here to seek out certain individuals who are inherently connected to us so that their Knowledge and the memory of their… Read More

Relationships and Sexuality

It has come time to speak of sexuality in the context of relationship and Knowledge. We must speak about relationship and its importance in hindering or in advancing the development of Knowledge. There are many strange beliefs in this world concerning relationships and their relevance to personal growth, to personal healing, to the completion of… Read More

The Fate of Nations

The peoples and the nations of the world are entering a grave time of difficulty and change. The world’s resources are declining. Populations are growing. And as this occurs, there will be continued competition and the grave danger of conflict and war.