Life in the Universe

Families and Genetic Manipulation

In your region of space amongst advanced nations, the family unit as you know it is still practiced in many places and is always maintained amongst ruling classes. In more primitive worlds, it is certainly nature’s pattern. But amongst more advanced nations who rely upon technology and who have a great interest in genetics, the… Read More

Technology and the Different Paths to Stability

The Greater Community that you will experience has many restraints. It also has many opportunities. It requires that nations become united within themselves if they are to engage with other worlds and with the difficulties and complexities of Contact. This is a great advantage as long as it is carried out in a way that… Read More

Trade and Commerce in this Region of Space

Though in the history of your local universe there have been wars and great conflicts, in the last ten to twelve thousand years there has been a period of great stability. In areas of space where there is a large concentration of advanced nations, one will usually find a great deal of trade going on.… Read More

The Limits of Space Travel

As has been previously indicated, travel in space is relatively slow. And inter-dimensional travel has proven to be disastrous for most races who have attempted it. Though travel in space is extremely rapid by your standards and by the degree of your own scientific development, getting around is still very difficult and time consuming. Because… Read More

A Brief History of Visitation to Earth

To understand the present and to be prepared for the future, there are certain things from the past that must be clarified and that you must learn to see. The first is that the world has been visited for a very long time. These visitations have been from a number of different races for different… Read More