Building Spiritual Community

The Way of Knowledge cannot be fully learned alone. It teaches you that you are in relationship with life around you, and it teaches you how to be in relationship with life around you, at every level of your existence. It teaches you how to be in relationship with your body, with your mind and… Read More

Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family

As you have relationships within the world, you have relationships beyond the world. In the world, you have your worldly family that has raised you from infancy so that you may have the opportunity to become an adult and find the greater threshold where the second stage of life may be initiated and begun. Beyond… Read More

Preparing for the Future

You are always preparing for the future even if you do not think of the future. You are always preparing for the future even if your mind is focused upon the past. This is because your life builds upon itself. What you experience today is based upon what you accomplished or did not accomplish yesterday.… Read More

Sharing The Way of Knowledge With Others

As you begin to realize the importance of this Teaching and its great message for humanity for this time and for the future, you will want to share certain ideas with people. Perhaps you will try to share the whole Teaching as far as you can understand it. It is natural to want to extend… Read More

The Four Pillars of Life

Every great life must have a strong foundation, and in almost all cases this foundation takes a very long time to establish. You yourself are in the process of developing this foundation, and the extent to which you do so and your success in doing so will determine what kind of life can be established… Read More

Living in an Emerging World

At the very outset, we must talk about the context in which you live, for you must have a context in order to understand your activity and participation here in the world at this time. People often overlook this first essential understanding and try to define their purpose, meaning and direction based upon their own… Read More