Volume 2

Greater Community Spirituality, Introduction

Introduction to Greater Community Spirituality | Table of Contents In the Greater Community of Worlds the idea of God is presented differently than it is in this world. In the Greater Community, the idea of God must be translatable from one society to another where the customs and the rituals, the ideas and the areas… Read More

Your Relationship with Others

Relationship with others is the environment in which true learning occurs. Your relationship with others is where you learn how to separate what you know from what you want or believe. It is the environment and the context in which true self-discovery becomes discerned and known. This is true for reasons that are both obvious… Read More

Witnessing the Revelation

The Messenger is in the world. He has brought with him a great Message for humanity, a Message that he has been receiving for over 25 years, a Message comprehensive enough to guide humanity into the next great stage of its evolution and development. Yet he is an ordinary man, but in appearance only. For… Read More

Your Purpose and Spiritual Calling

You have come into the world for a purpose—to reclaim your Knowledge, to express your Knowledge and to establish genuine relationships with others. This is your purpose and everyone’s purpose here. Your calling is part of this. Your calling is where your greater work, born of your Knowledge, becomes evident. It is born of your… Read More


Sooner or later you must marry something in life. It may be a person, or it may be a group of people who are serving a great cause in the world. It may be a career. It may be something else, but it has to involve other people. You must marry someone. Marriage to an… Read More

Your Relationship with the World

Your relationship with the world is quite important for your advancement because you have come to serve the world in its evolution. Your individual contribution may be very small in the greater scheme of things, but it is essential and significant nonetheless. You are sent to give something to the world. Ultimately, your relationships with… Read More

Your Relationship with Yourself

As was revealed in the previous chapter, you must be disassociated from yourself in order to have a relationship with yourself. In other words, there must be at least two of you to have a relationship; otherwise, the idea is not applicable. Relationship is an environment where two or more learn to work together harmoniously.… Read More

Your Most Primary Relationship

In order to comprehend the true meaning and purpose of your relationships, you must begin with your most primary relationship of all. It is the one relationship that provides the greater context for all your other relationships at all levels. It is the one relationship that is your beginning and your final resting place. It… Read More

Being a Person of the New Message

The New Message is here to give humanity great promise and strength—the power of Knowledge that God has placed within each person as the great endowment, an endowment that is waiting to be discovered. Humanity has not yet discovered its greater powers, its greater strength, its greater integrity and its greater ethical foundation. It is… Read More

What is Steps to Knowledge?

Learning Greater Community Spirituality requires preparation of a very unique kind. This preparation must take you into the very heart of what spirituality means, and yet it must enable you to face the world realistically and practically, without denial or deception. It must be able to cultivate your strengths, while minimizing the risks of misunderstanding… Read More