Volume 2

Where can Knowledge be found?

Knowledge lives within you. It is the very essence of your spirituality. Knowledge represents the greater part of you that is bonded intrinsically with all life. It is within you, but only rarely will you be able to gain access to it on your own. In the Greater Community, the idea and practice of religion… Read More

What is Religious Education and who is it for?

Religious education is an attempt to build a bridge from your worldly mind to your Spiritual Mind. In whatever context, format, tradition or preparation, this is its overall intent. Therefore, religious education must be focused on Knowledge because Knowledge represents your Spiritual Mind in the world and your vital link to God and to all… Read More

What is religion?

In many teachings in the world it is thought that religion is an attempt to answer or resolve the fundamental problem of human suffering. In this sense and in this understanding, religion is a plan to enable human beings to escape their condition and attain a greater state of mind and a far better condition,… Read More

What is Human Destiny?

Your destiny is to emerge into the Greater Community of Worlds. This is a process that will take several centuries overall, but the change within the scope of your life will be very rapid, and the challenge to human society will be immense. Let us speak on this, for this concerns you and your purpose… Read More

How does revelation occur in human life?

Revelation is a gift that is given to certain individuals who will have a prominent role to play in leading others. It happens very rarely and only under very special circumstances. It is meant to initiate these individuals and to confirm their Knowledge. It occurs when time is of the essence, and they must engage… Read More

Who are the Unseen Ones?

As you have allies within the world and within the Greater Community, you also have allies beyond the visible range of life. They are here to be a part of your education in Knowledge. No longer in the physical, they now serve those who are regaining the memory of their Ancient home and with it… Read More

Who Serves Humanity?

In the Greater Community, you have great allies. They are significant but hidden. Your allies represent a very secret bond. This bond is not a political power. It is not a worldly society. It is not a power with vast armies. It is not something that can rescue you from the clutches of another alien… Read More

What Must Be Unlearned?

Considering what has been said thus far, it becomes quite apparent that you cannot learn greater things by building upon old ideas and limited concepts. An old mind cannot conceive of new things. Indeed, to learn a Greater Community Way of Knowledge and to find the greater purpose which has brought you into the world,… Read More

What Must Be Avoided?

Life offers many distractions. Life will keep pulling you back to your past unless you are able to be in the moment with it. Once you have achieved a present state of mind sufficiently, then you will need to be prepared to deal with the influence of others upon you. If everyone were doing what… Read More

What is the evolution of religion in the world?

Religion evolves because it is meant to serve evolving worlds. Evolution is a process of change. It is a process of renewal and rejuvenation and also a process of adaptation and application. In order for religion to be meaningful in any world, it must serve that world through its various stages of development. Religion itself… Read More