Greater Community Spirituality

The New God Experience

The New God Experience is an upcoming new book to be released by The Society for the New Message. The remainder of the book will be available soon. We will send an announcement to you by email as soon as this book is released, and will update this book web page to include all chapters.… Read More

Greater Community Spirituality Introduction

In the Greater Community of worlds the idea of God is presented differently than it is in this world. In the Greater Community, the idea of God must be translatable from one society to another where the customs and the rituals, the ideas and the areas of specific application will be unique to each world­s… Read More

What is Human Purpose?

Purpose is something you will understand as you climb higher on the mountain of life. As you gain a greater vantage point, you will understand more of the journey itself, by looking behind and by being increasingly able to anticipate what is up ahead. Purpose is realized by taking the journey, not by establishing a… Read More

Greater Community Spirituality

Greater Community Spirituality presents a new understanding and a greater experience of God and human spirituality within a larger arena of intelligent life. This is a spirituality that transcends all boundaries of race, culture, religion and language, providing the foundation for recognition and relationship between peoples, nations and worlds. Greater Community Spirituality presents part of… Read More

Who is Jesus?

Jesus represents a major figure in the evolution of the world, an initiator—one of the principal initiators of a great period that is now coming to a close in the world. Let us talk about Jesus within the context of the evolution of the world, for this will give you a greater understanding of his… Read More

What is Grace?

Grace must be a presence and an intelligence that can enter into and abide in any situation, in any world, in any climate, in any condition, in any culture and in any race. It must be something that can enter silently and abide with circumstances as they are. It must be something that can enter… Read More

How is Knowledge translated in the Greater Community?

Because individuals and groups in the Greater Community who are advancing in Knowledge often have to remain secretly hidden in their own respective worlds, Knowledge is transferred through very mysterious means. This brings into play the involvement of the Unseen Ones. Because these individuals and groups rarely have direct access to one another and cannot… Read More

What is The Greater Community Way of Knowledge?

In order to establish a preparation for the Greater Community and to bond the peoples of the world together with a greater foundation and a greater experience of union, The Greater Community Way of Knowledge is being introduced into the world. The Greater Community Way of Knowledge is being translated into human language and adapted… Read More

Where can Knowledge be found?

Knowledge lives within you. It is the very essence of your spirituality. Knowledge represents the greater part of you that is bonded intrinsically with all life. It is within you, but only rarely will you be able to gain access to it on your own. In the Greater Community, the idea and practice of religion… Read More

What is Religious Education and who is it for?

Religious education is an attempt to build a bridge from your worldly mind to your Spiritual Mind. In whatever context, format, tradition or preparation, this is its overall intent. Therefore, religious education must be focused on Knowledge because Knowledge represents your Spiritual Mind in the world and your vital link to God and to all… Read More