The Time of Revelation

The Time of Revelation

It is time to proclaim the New Message.

It is time to proclaim that God has sent a New Message into the world to prepare humanity and to protect humanity from the impact of the Great Waves of change that are coming, and from humanity’s vulnerability to a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

Facing Great Change in the World

Humanity has reached a great turning point where it must choose a different direction, a direction that will alter the course of human destiny and evolution. Humanity is reaching the limits of what the world can sustain and what the world can produce for a growing human population. And humanity is affecting the balance of the world so significantly that it is setting in motion great change in the physical world, great change that humanity will have to adapt to in the future.

God’s Plan for the World

Let Us speak of God’s Plan for the world, a Plan that can only be fulfilled given human dedication and understanding. For God does have a Plan for the world. Without this Plan, the world will become ever more chaotic and unstable, and the outcome will be ever more doubtful and unhappy.

The Time of Revelation

The Time of Revelation is an upcoming new book to be released by The Society for the New Message. The remainder of the book will be available soon. We will send an announcement to you by email as soon as this book is released, and will update this book web page to include all chapters.… Read More

The Burden of the Messenger

Here you begin to see the burden of the Messenger. He will point to the Revelation—its empowerment for the individual; its direction for the leaders of nations; its message of purpose, unity and urgency. He will speak of great problems that people do not want to face. His words will fly in the face of human denial and presumption.

Buddha and the New Message from God

Buddha is one of the great Messengers sent from the Angelic Assembly to bring correction, but also new opportunity to the human family. His gift was unique, and the time in which he was in the world was opportune for his Message to spread.

Jesus and the New Message from God

Jesus was sent from the Angelic Assembly to teach the meaning of forgiveness, compassion and the revelation regarding the Holy Spirit, which in the New Message is called Knowledge.

Muhammad and the New Message from God

It is important for you to understand that all the great Messengers have come from the Angelic Assembly. They have come from this one great Assembly that is charged with overseeing the well-being and progress of humanity. If this could be understood, then war and conflict between the religions could perhaps be ended, for this… Read More

The Message and the Messenger

It is important in understanding the nature of the New Revelation that it was given to someone who was sent into the world for the purpose of receiving it. He is a man. He is not perfect. He is not magnificent according to people’s expectations, but he is the one destined to receive the New… Read More

The Voice of Revelation

The Voice you are hearing is not of one individual, but of the Angelic Host together, speaking together, with one Voice. It is passing through one individual, yes, but at a higher level, individuality is entirely different. So very unlike it is in your world.