The Reformation

The Reformation

Clearly, there is great reformation that must happen in the world if it is to prepare for the great change that is coming&#8212the great environmental change, the great economic and social change and all of the hazards and opportunities that this will involve.

Restoring the World

Humanity is degrading the world at a frightening pace, diminishing the wealth of the world and its productivity for the future. This, of course, is known to many, though humanity as a whole and the governments of the world still remain heedless. The needs of the moment overtake the preparation for the future. The preoccupations of lesser matters obscure the needs of greater things.

The Reformation

The Reformation is an upcoming new book to be released by The Society for the New Message. The remainder of the book will be available soon. We will send an announcement to you by email as soon as this book is released, and will update this book web page to include all chapters. If you… Read More

Real Change

It is becoming evident to ever increasing numbers of people that great change is needed if humanity is to meet the challenges of its time. Great change is needed in how governments function and in how people behave and respond. Great change is needed in many organizations and institutions to adapt to a changing set… Read More

God’s New Message for Political Leaders

This is a message for the political leaders of the world. It is part of a New Message from God, which has been sent into the world for the protection and advancement of humanity. This particular message for the political leaders of the world is of critical importance now, given the condition of the human… Read More

God’s New Message for the Islamic World

Today We shall speak of a Message for the world of Islam. For God wishes to speak again to a world in great need and has sent a new Messenger into the world. No one can say this cannot be, for it is up to God what God wills to do. But God cares for… Read More


Poverty—the poverty of the Soul, the poverty of the body, the poverty of isolation, the poverty of disassociation from others. Poverty takes so many forms—some visible, some invisible, some apparent, some not apparent.

The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed

God is aware of the suffering of humanity. God is aware of the poverty of humanity and the oppression of peoples—oppression both by the dictates of government and religious leaders and oppression by circumstances.  It is the condition of humanity that the New Message from God must address. And it is the future of humanity… Read More

The Age of Women

There is a New Message from God in the world, and one of the things that it calls for is the emergence of women leaders, particularly in the area of spirituality and religion. It is time now for certain women to be called into these greater roles and responsibilities, and it is important around the… Read More