A Truly New Revelation

Watch Reed Summers speak during the Broadcast, Apr 20, 2012. The New Message from God is not just a book or a series of books, or a teaching or a series of messages. It is fundamentally an event in human history. It is a monumental event where God speaks anew to the world, warning, correcting,… Read More

Earth Day

Let us celebrate our Earth, the world we must learn to honor and preserve, a rare gem in a vast universe of intelligent life.

Birthday Celebration for God’s Messenger 2012

Read Reed Summers Words Honoring his Father on his Birthday, Jan 28, 2012. As I look back over my life with Marshall I see that he has given so much of himself, he has given all of his life for this and look what has arrived on Earth as a result: 22 books, 820 original… Read More