The New World Podcast

Entering the New World Podcast

ENTERING THE NEW WORLD – Chapter 1 | The New World: You are preparing for a new world, a world that has already changed, a world that has been changed by human ignorance, abuse and neglect. You passed the line some time ago, where the world changed imperceptibly, an unknown marker in the evolution of humanity.

The Great Warning Podcast

THE GREAT WARNING – Chapter 2 | The New World: God has sent the New Message to the world at a great turning point for the human family—a turning point for which you are unprepared and unaware, a turning point that is so great that it will alter the course of life for everyone here today, and the future of everyone to come in this world.

The Global Emergency Podcast

THE GLOBAL EMERGENCY – Chapter 3: Humanity is at the threshold of great global change, world change on a scale never seen before, caused now by humanity’s misuse and overuse of the world, by human ignorance and human greed. It is a condition now that will affect the lives of every person.

The Plight of Humanity Podcast

THE PLIGHT OF HUMANITY – Chapter 4: The growing storms of the world, the growing plight of humanity, are being driven by the Great Waves of change now—change that is encompassing nations and peoples everywhere, a world where an ever-growing population will be drinking from a slowly shrinking well.

The Race to Save Human Civilization Podcast

THE NEW WORLD – Chapter 5: While everything appears to be normal in these days, Great Waves of change are coming to the world, change on a level never seen before, change that will affect every person in the world. Greater than the world wars, it will be. Greater than the great pandemics of the past will it be, Great Waves of change, as humanity has plundered the world and has destroyed your natural inheritance to such a great degree that the world will change now, becoming a more difficult place for the human family.

Standing at the Precipice Podcast

STANDING AND THE PRECIPICE – Chapter 6 | The New World: Without a New Message from God, the world’s decline becomes predictable, devastating and tragic. Without a New Revelation from God to prepare humanity for the Great Waves of change that are coming, and for humanity’s encounter with other races in the universe, which it is now facing, the decline of humanity becomes predictable. If enough people cannot receive God’s New Revelation, this decline will continue. It is entirely preventable, but the hour is late.

Facing Planetary Instability Podcast

FACING PLANETARY INSTABILITY – Chapter 7 | The New World: Great change is coming to the world, and people around the world are feeling this and sensing this and seeing the evidence of this. But the great change exceeds people’s concerns and expectations.

For humanity has disrupted the world so sufficiently that now you are facing a different kind of world—a new world, a world of different dimensions, a world that will be quite new to your experience in so many ways, a world with a new climate, a world of diminishing resources, a world of growing economic and political upheaval and conflict, a world of greater stress and uncertainty, a world of erupting situations and natural catastrophes, a world where your food production will decline with the changing climate.

The Battleground Podcast

THE BATTLEGROUND – Chapter 8 | The New World: You must speak out against war. It is never justified. It is errors compounded. It is failure compounded.

The incentive to go to war over resources, territorial control and overcoming a perceived enemy will be so great in the future when the resources of the world will diminish and economic difficulties will arise here, there and everywhere. It will be a great trial for humanity.

Building Global Security Podcast

BUILDING GLOBAL SECURITY – Chapter 9 | The New World: Humanity is moving in a dangerous direction now, heedless of the warning signs that it is overreaching what the world can provide, living in the moment, thinking only of the near term.

Humanity is entering dangerous waters, unknown territory, where it will have to face a world in decline—a world of declining resources, a world of environmental disruption, a world of violent weather, a world of diminishing food production, a world of greater economic hardship and instability, a world that will in many places strip away the thin veneer of civilization, setting people in competition with one another.

Preventing Collapse and the Wars of Desperation Podcast

PPREVENTING COLLAPSE AND THE WARS OF DESPERATION – Chapter 10 | The New World: With the world’s resources diminishing and ever-growing numbers of people drinking from a slowly shrinking well, the risk of competition, conflict and war is increasing. Groups and nations that are already in contention with one another will find it difficult to resist the temptation to claim those resources that they need for their own peoples.