The New Messenger Podcast

The Will of Heaven Podcast

Many people in the world are awaiting the return of their Savior, their Maitreya or their Imam. But God has sent a New Message into the world, a Message to prepare humanity for the great change that is coming here and for its encounter with intelligent life in the universe, an encounter that will be far more precarious and dangerous than most people truly recognize.

The Origin of the Messenger Podcast

People have no idea what it means to be a Messenger or how Messengers are selected or prepared. They want to worship heroes or deny them altogether.

They want to believe the Messenger is the Message, but the Message is always greater than the Messenger. People will base their whole view and approach on their attitude towards the Messenger, but the Message is always more important.

The Lineage of the Messenger Podcast

To present God’s New Revelation in the world, a Messenger has been sent, prepared to carry the burden of a New Revelation, bringing a new reality into the world.

This happens once perhaps in a thousand years as humanity reaches a great threshold—a turning point in its evolution and a time of great and immense challenge, not for merely one tribe or group but for all of humanity.

The Story of the Messenger Podcast

Today We shall tell the story of the Messenger. It is a story that holds great power and meaning if it can be comprehended.

For the Messenger is no ordinary person, though he appears to be ordinary on the outside. And because he is a humble man, he does not exalt himself in any way. He seeks not recognition, but a deeper connection with those who are destined to meet him and to receive God’s New Revelation.

In this sense, he is understated and will remain silent with others. His proclamation is not of himself, but of the Revelation, for that is why he has come. That is his reason for being in the world.

The Requirements of the Messenger Podcast

Surely, one who is called and prepared to bring a New Message from God into the world must have a long and very challenging preparation. It is the preparation an individual could not initiate for themselves.

It must be a calling from Heaven itself. It must be administered by Heaven itself. It must take the one chosen from their former life and state of mind into a new life and a far greater state of mind over a period of time.

The Veil of the Messenger Podcast

To bring a New Message from God in the world requires a person who is uniquely designed for this greater mission, a person whose origin and destiny are distinct from everyone around him, a person whose preparation even before coming into this world is unique and very focalized. This is the person who will have to meet great expectations, the expectations of Heaven itself.

In order for this to be achieved, this individual will have to meet certain requirements and pass certain tests. For when anyone enters the world, they enter the world of influences. They enter a world of difficulty—a world of survival, a world of social acceptance, a world of challenges, a world where you will be unknown and unrecognized, except perhaps in a certain way by your family. But even here your greater purpose and mission will, in almost all cases, be unknown even to those who raise you and who grow up with you.

Understanding the New Messenger Podcast

Today We will speak on understanding the Messenger.

There are some people who will receive and welcome the idea of there being a New Message from God in the world. They see the need for this. They see how the old traditions have become fractured and contentious, both amongst themselves and within themselves. They see the religious extremism and its destructive impact on human history, and the violence that is carried out in its name, even in this world today. And they will say, “Yes, a New Message from God would be a very good thing right now.”

Facing the Light of Revelation Podcast

People do not realize what the Messenger is facing in the world. For him, it is a very difficult thing, and he is reluctant to accept it because it is so very difficult—with so much risk and uncertainty and the assurance of rejection and denial. It is a very difficult thing, you see.

For the Messengers, this has always been the case. And while they have been the most important people in all of human history, they have also had some of the most difficult tasks—tasks which they themselves would never choose for themselves, but which were given to them, with great emphasis.

The Journey of the Messenger Podcast

od has sent the Messenger into the world at a time of great change and increasing uncertainty. He is the one Messenger for the world though it will be difficult for many people to accept this, given their previous notions and investments.

He has prepared long for this. He has come from the Angelic Assembly, of which he is a part. In the world, he is a man. He is imperfect, but all the great Messengers have been imperfect.

The Prophet Podcast

Every millennium a New Messenger is sent into the world to prepare humanity for the next stage of its development and to warn humanity of the great dangers that have not arisen before, to prepare humanity for what it must face and what it must overcome, both now and into the future.

God’s Revelations are rare and are long lasting. They are sent here to give to humanity what it could not give itself, and to rekindle the spiritual fire that has grown cold in the world, to revitalize the religious spirit, which has become so dormant under the weight and the oppression of religious belief and edicts.