The Greater Community Podcast

Humanity’s Emergence into the Greater Community Podcast

HUMANITY’S EMERGENCE INTO THE GREATER COMMUNITY – Chapter 1 | The Greater Community: Humanity stands at the threshold of space, at the threshold of a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. Though there are great problems here in the world, and though humanity is facing the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world—environmental deterioration; diminishing resources; growing economic and political instability and the risk of competition, conflict and war—humanity has reached a great threshold in its evolution. It has reached a point of no return regarding its position within this Greater Community of intelligent life.

Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe Podcast

CONTACT WITH INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE – Chapter 2 | The Greater Community: The world is a beautiful place. It is a world of immense biological diversity. It is a world of tremendous wealth and value. The human family does not realize how significant a place this world really is in a universe of barren worlds.

Facing the Greater Community Podcast

FACING THE GREATER COMMUNITY: Chapter 3 | The Greater Community: For centuries, the Earth has been visited periodically by races seeking biological resources. For the most part, they had very little interaction with the native peoples, often focusing on parts of the world where there was very little human habitation.

Entering the Greater Community Podcast

ENTERING THE GREATER COMMUNITY: Chapter 4 | The Greater Community: God’s New Revelation opens the doors to a universe of intelligent life, providing perspective, insight and understanding never available before.

The human family does not realize its vulnerability to this Greater Community nor its relationship with this Greater Community.

Who are the Allies of Humanity Podcast

WHO ARE THE ALLIES OF HUMANITY?: Chapter 5 | The Greater Community: Humanity is not alone in the universe, for the universe you will encounter is full of intelligent life. Living in a well-inhabited and long-established region of space, your world will find itself in a greater neighborhood.

The Enemies of Humanity Podcast

THE ENEMIES OF HUMANITY: Chapter 6 | The Greater Community: Humanity has enemies in the universe. They are not opposed to you, but they seek what you have. They seek to take what you have from you without the use of undue force, relying upon the powers of persuasion and sowing the seeds of division amongst a contentious humanity.

Humanity’s Destiny in the Greater Community Podcast

HUMANITY’S DESTINY IN THE GREATER COMMUNITY – Chapter 7 | The Greater Community: Humanity and the world stand at the threshold of the greatest change it will ever encounter. This change will be wrought in part by humanity’s misuse of the world and humanity’s impact upon the natural environment of the world. But included in this is the Intervention from races from beyond the world who seek to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity.

Preparing for the Greater Community Podcast

PREPARING FOR THE GREATER COMMUNITY: Chapter 8 | The Greater Community: Humanity is preparing for the Greater Community. It does not know this yet, of course, but that is its stage of evolution, and everyone is involved. The fact that humanity is unprepared for the realities of contact with life in the universe is very apparent, but at a more unconscious level, people are anticipating this. And that is why it emerges in your movies, in your books, in human imagination. There is a seed of truth, an element of truth here.

Protecting the World Podcast

PROTECTING THE WORLD: Chapter 9 | The Greater Community: It is apparent to many people that the environment is undergoing tremendous stress and in many places tremendous degradation. While a few people are very concerned, most people do not pay much attention to this, thinking that the environment is kind of an endless supplier of everything they need.

The Importance of the Greater Community Podcast

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE GREATER COMMUNITY: Chapter 10: The importance of the Greater Community cannot be underestimated in the New Message because ultimately humanity is preparing for its future within this larger arena of intelligent life. But it is unprepared and has no way to prepare itself, facing now an Intervention from beyond the world by races who seek to take advantage of humanity’s weakness and naiveté. This, more than anything else, has called the New Message from God into the world.