Three Questions about God

The Messenger gathered on November 16, 2013 with 81 people from around the world in an online chat room. Three questions about God were asked. This is what happened. Three Questions about God – First Question to consider: What does this new understanding of God free me FROM? MaryL-USA: This New God understanding frees me… Read More


When we speak of spiritual purpose, Knowledge and the world’s emergence into the Greater Community, it is necessary to realize that you will go through some very important thresholds as you progress and develop. Indeed, you now have the opportunity to develop to an extent that few have had in human history. Life is calling upon this development not just for one or two individuals in the human family, but for many because many are needed now to cultivate and nourish a Greater Community perspective and understanding. Many are needed to lead humanity forward, and many are needed to contribute their Knowledge so that humanity can join together, unite itself and reach a greater level of cooperation and integration. Evolution calls for this. Many people are being called into service now. Many people have come to the world to give and to assist in this great emergence—at all levels of society and human interaction.

Sharing the New Message

As you begin to realize the importance of this Teaching and its great message for humanity for this time and for the future, you will want to share certain ideas with people. Perhaps you will try to share the whole Teaching as far as you can understand it. It is natural to want to extend… Read More

This greater life into which you are emerging…

  You live within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. It is vast, encompassing the entire spectrum of evolution—the evolution of technology, the evolution of societies and the evolution of spiritual awareness and ethics. It is vast and incomprehensible. It is the greater environment into which humanity is now emerging. Humanity is… Read More

Submission guide for

To ensure your quote submission enters the School inspiration feeds correctly, please follow this submission guide. Please note, quotes can only be submitted for the current session of the School. 1) Simply email your quote to, using the following format Subject: Source book, chapter and/or page number Body: The quote you would like to… Read More

Today I will seek the experience of true purpose in life.

Seek the experience of true purpose. This provides the foundation for all meaningful relationships. Do not seek relationships outside of this context, for they will lack foundation and, though perhaps very alluring, will prove to be very difficult for you. Whether you are seeking marriage, great friendship or someone to help you in your work,… Read More

Relationships will come to me when I am prepared

Why strive for relationships in the world when genuine relationships will come to you as you are prepared? To understand this, you must have great faith in the power of Knowledge within yourself and within others. As this awareness grows, the basis for your striving and desperate pursuits will fall away, making true peace and… Read More

What does the New Message ask of you?

  The New Message asks of you honesty, sincerity, integrity and commitment—all the things that everyone needs to establish in his or her own life and everything that needs to be established within the communities and villages, the cities and nations of the world. The New Message asks you to honor what you need and… Read More