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Campfire Chat

Campfire Chat October 28, 2017

Ellen_Society:  While we wait for the Chat to begin, I will post quotes from Marshall from last Saturday’s chat: “The Intervention will always seek to have people and nations focused in conflict and difficulty with one another and not with the Intervention, so that its presence and activities continue to go unnoticed in the world.” “At… Read More

Campfire Chat October 21, 2017

jeanine_Society:  While we are waiting for the Chat to start, here is wisdom from our Messenger himself to ponder from last week’s Chat: nenette_istanbul:  So Wonderful all Students from around the Globe  Nasi Novare Coram :” “’The presence of the Teachers of God is with me and us all.” jeanine_Society:  “As you move out of the jungle of your… Read More

Campfire Chat October 14, 2017

Robert_Society:  Please consider the wisdom shared with us last week by the Messenger: “As you move out of the jungle of your mind, you are still faced with a world of people who are lost in that Jungle. What you bring to them is the degree of freedom, clarity and power you have regained so far.… Read More

Campfire Chat October 7, 2017

Ayesha_Society:  Here are Marshall’s quotes from last week’s chat for your consideration . “Our judgement against the world and ourselves is the crown of thorns we wear.” “The Greater Community teaching and reality is meant for everyone to learn. It is a teaching for the whole world. Yet the GC people will likely be the first… Read More

Campfire Chat September 30, 2017

Darlene_Society:  A joyous welcome to all of you world people, especially newcomers to the Free School! We are Greater Community People, together we are the “forerunners of great change” for our world and our lives. What a responsibility. What a gift. What a time to be alive in this fractured, beautiful world, where Knowledge is still… Read More

Campfire Chat September 23, 2017

Ellen_Society:  Marshall’s quotes from the last chat: “It will take powerful change in the world to call Knowledge out of people. If this be the case, do not regret these difficult times in which we live. For only a great need can engender real change in enough people.” “When we are weak, we fear anything that… Read More

Campfire Chat September 16, 2017

Carol_Society:  As we wait for others to arrive before we begin our discussion today, let us be with the wisdoms of the Messenger, shared with us at last week’s Campfire Chat:  “Facing these Hurricanes and other great oncoming disasters provides a real Knowledge test for people. Imagine the challenge and the difficulty and the importance of… Read More

Campfire Chat September 9, 2017

Ayesha_Society:  Here are Marshall’s quotes from last week’s (September 2nd) chat:  “It will take the greatest challenge and threat to finally unite the human family. The Greater Community provides this. That is why the Great Coordination has brought the NMG and the Allies of Humanity Briefings to the world.”“The Intervention tends to go unnoticed, for people’s… Read More

Campfire Chat September 2, 2017

Darlene_Society:  While we are waiting for the Chat to start, here is some wisdom from the Messenger to contemplate from last week’s Chat: “The draw to the Greater Community reaches into every culture, even into repressive societies. It is a powerful way to reach the world given how many Greater Community people have been sent into… Read More

Campfire Chat August 26, 2017

 Tyyne_Society:  Here are the quotes from the Messenger in last week’s Chat: “We are foolishly telling the universe we are here and welcoming them to come—a perfect justification for the Intervention.” “It is historically estimated that only 25% of the population [actively] supported the American revolution. Yet those who did, had to put their life on… Read More