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About the Universe

The Reactive Mind

“Do not submit to fear, revenge, condemnation and other forces of the reactive mind. Do not submit to the forces of persuasion from the outside that would seek to divert your life from your real destiny.” – Marshall Vian Summers About the Sayings of the Messenger

A gift of immense love

A Gift of Immense Love

“The New Message is a gift of immense love from the Creator. This love is intended to save humanity from the great perils ahead.” – Marshall Vian Summers About the Sayings of the Messenger

Share this Mission with me

Remember Me and Share this Mission with Me

“Remember me and remember what I have given you. The Creator has given me the mission of preparing humanity for the Greater Community. Share this mission with me.” – Marshall Vian Summers About the Sayings of the Messenger

People Have Lost Connection

“People no longer watch the horizon. They no longer watch the weather and the skies. They pay little attention to what is going on around them, preoccupied they are now with their goals and their projects, their interests and their fantasies. They have lost a primal connection to the Earth and a primal connection with… Read More

How to End War

“War will end when humanity realizes that its borders to space are unguarded and that its resources here on Earth are becoming dangerously depleted. It will take all nations to bond together to protect the world from intervention from the outside and from collapse on the inside. In this, there is only one choice, for… Read More