About Relationships

Free the Poor

Most of Humanity is in Chains

“Free the poor so that they can contribute. Free the women of the world so they can contribute. For most of the human family is in chains, subjugated to poverty and discrimination, discouraged from giving their gifts to a world in need.” – Marshall Vian Summers About the Sayings of the Messenger

Being Loved and Appreciated

“Look at a person, and within yourself ask: ‘Is this person being adequately loved and appreciated?’” – Marshall Vian Summers About the Sayings of the Messenger

How to End War

“War will end when humanity realizes that its borders to space are unguarded and that its resources here on Earth are becoming dangerously depleted. It will take all nations to bond together to protect the world from intervention from the outside and from collapse on the inside. In this, there is only one choice, for… Read More

Hold Together and Trust in Each Other

“I ask that you hold together, trust in each other and what God is giving you to do in service to this world, our planet of origin. Hold to the pure Revelation despite what others may try to do with it. In this you serve those present and those yet to come into a Great… Read More