Revelations for the Individual

The Night Meditation

Come close to the Power and the Presence within you. It is so close if you will but allow your mind to be still. The Presence is here. It is with you. It is always with you, for you cannot escape your Source and the reality of life. The Creator is with you, with the… Read More

Building the Four Pillars of Your Life

There are Four Pillars to your life. They represent the strength of your life, the stability of your life. They represent your ability to withstand change and to take advantage of opportunity. They represent your ability to face disappointment and uncertainty. Like the four legs of a table, they uphold your life. There is the… Read More

The Great Love

Around the world love is held to be in the highest esteem, as a pinnacle of human experience. Love is sung about in songs and written about in poetry. It is exalted in great literature. It is bandied about in normal conversation. People claim they are in love, that love is the ultimate, that all… Read More

What is Life Force?

We introduce the term Life Force here. However, before we speak about it, we would like to bring it into a greater context, a Greater Community context. These words are familiar to some people, and there is a great deal of idealism and speculation about what Life Force really is and what it can do.… Read More

Great Waves of Change book

Great Waves of Change Practices

It is important to use and apply practices that can bring a greater clarity and certainty to your life. The practices below are from the chapters of The Great Waves of Change and from other writings by MV Summers. With any practice, it is valuable to practice at regular intervals over time to deepen your… Read More

Great Waves of Change book

Recommendations for Living in a Great Waves World

Presented here are recommendations to assist you in beginning to prepare for the Great Waves of change. Since each person’s life, circumstances and higher purpose are unique, there is no set of recommendations that can speak to every circumstance and need. Yet these recommendations will be important in helping you to focus your activities and… Read More