Revelations for the Individual

Great Waves of Change book

The Great Waves Prophecy

The question will surely arise: What can you expect regarding the Great Waves of change? Specifically, what will take place will be determined in part by humanity’s ability to respond and to prepare. What will take place is that the world will become warmer, producing greater loss of food production and great scarcity of water… Read More

The Lamp

Surely you carry a great Lamp within yourself, a Lamp that is always aflame, always lit, always brilliant, for it cannot be extinguished by anything in this world—a Lamp, pure, always burning, you see, always alight. It was alight within you before you came into this world. It will be alight when you once leave.… Read More

The Separation

To understand the reality of God and God’s Work in the world and in the universe around you, you must understand your own situation clearly, for you are living in a state of Separation, in a physical reality, in time and space. Your life here is limited by this time and this space. You are… Read More

Listening for Knowledge

Part of your development in The Way of Knowledge is to learn how to watch—to watch without coming to conclusions, to watch without trying to decide what is real or not, to watch without trying to connect what you are seeing with what you know already, but just watching. You watch the world and you… Read More


When we speak of spiritual purpose, Knowledge and the world’s emergence into the Greater Community, it is necessary to realize that you will go through some very important thresholds as you progress and develop. Indeed, you now have the opportunity to develop to an extent that few have had in human history. Life is calling upon this development not just for one or two individuals in the human family, but for many because many are needed now to cultivate and nourish a Greater Community perspective and understanding. Many are needed to lead humanity forward, and many are needed to contribute their Knowledge so that humanity can join together, unite itself and reach a greater level of cooperation and integration. Evolution calls for this. Many people are being called into service now. Many people have come to the world to give and to assist in this great emergence—at all levels of society and human interaction.

Love and Fear

At this point it is important to address the reality of love and fear. The Greater Darkness upon the world can incite tremendous fear, particularly as you learn what it really is and how it is functioning in the world with very little human awareness or resistance. Some people will think that they cannot accept… Read More

The Great Rays of Initiation

The Power and the Presence watches over you and all people in the world, waiting for those who are ready, waiting for those who are ready to awaken from their deep sleep of desire and disappointment, watching over the world, waiting for those minds that seek freedom—not just an outer freedom, but an inner freedom—waiting… Read More

The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas represents the emergence of Knowledge in the individual. This is exemplified in the life of Jesus when, beyond his own understanding even, a Greater Power emerged within him, overtook his life, united him with the Unseen Ones who guided him and led to the expression of his great and significant ministry. His demonstration, then,… Read More

The Great Faith

It is necessary now to consider what real faith is in the light of great change in the world. With the coming waves of change that will sweep across the face of the world, with the Greater Darkness that is in the world, your understanding of faith must change. It must take a higher ground, a more secure position, a more authentic understanding and expression.

The Confirmation

This is the Confirmation—the Confirmation of why you have come into the world. The Calling that will call out of you that which you cannot call out of yourself. The Resonance that must come from the Source of life, a resonance that you are naturally attached to and in relationship with. The Confirmation that will… Read More