Revelations for the Individual

The Holy Days

Today We shall speak of the Holy Days on this Holy Day, when you honor one of the great Messengers sent to Earth from the Angelic Assembly. Though this is not the exact date he was born, it is celebrated here. The Holy Days represent a remembrance of your Source, your origin and your destiny… Read More

The New God Experience

There must be a new experience of God in the world, an experience of God that is not bound by strict belief or admonition, an experience that is not defined by religious authorities or traditions. For no tradition can define an experience of God, as no religion can define God’s Will, purpose and activity in… Read More


Clearly, everyone in the world, even the youngest child, is acquainted with suffering—physical pain, emotional pain, psychological pain, the pain of Separation, the pain of living in a difficult environment in the physical reality. This pain has many dimensions. It is certainly associated with need and with fear, and aggravation of some kind.

Taking the Steps to Knowledge

We would like to speak about learning and living The Way of Knowledge as a fundamental spiritual focus and practice and application in life. To begin with, let Us speak about what Knowledge is and why it is so important for you.

God’s New Message for the World’s Religions

First, you must understand that God has initiated all the great religions of the world, and in each case has sent a Messenger from the Angelic Assembly to initiate these traditions at the outset.

All the great Messengers have come from the Assembly, so they are intrinsically united, you see. They have all been sent by the Source, your Source and the Source of all the world’s religions.

But living in Separation, people have separated the religions from one another and even internally—separating everything that was meant to be united, misunderstanding the meaning and the value of the Messengers and what they were really presenting.

The Great Warning

God has sent the New Message to the world at a great turning point for the human family—a turning point for which you are unprepared and unaware, a turning point that is so great that it will alter the course of life for everyone here today, and the future of everyone to come in this world.

The Power of Knowledge (LIU)

Developing skill in the mental environment is a great preoccupation amongst technically advanced nations, for it holds great promises of power and discernment and, in some cases, even the outside control of the experience of others. This power is something that humanity has only begun to discover and to develop. While influence is practiced in… Read More

Great Waves of Change book

The Great Waves and Your Life

People will ask, “What will these Great Waves look like? What can we expect? What are we really preparing for? Is it a difficult situation or is it a terrible situation?” The answer depends upon many things—upon human response and responsibility. Certainly, the resources of the world will be diminished, and there will be great… Read More

Great Waves of Change book

Seeing, Knowing and Taking Action

To be aware of a great need or a great event represents but the first threshold. To fulfill one’s awareness, one must take action. Action is necessary here to bring to fruition one’s awareness and to realize one’s strength. There are people who are becoming aware of the Great Waves of change, but who are… Read More

Great Waves of Change book

Your Purpose and Destiny in a Changing World

In preparing for the Great Waves and in preparing for the Greater Community, you are preparing for your true purpose and greater mission in life. These are not merely inconveniences. These are the opportunities that you have been waiting for. For under normal circumstances, you will never find your greater purpose and mission in life.… Read More