Understanding Money, Wealth and Power

Today We will speak on an important subject to everyone. Today We will speak about money, wealth and power.

Certainly money is central to everyone's functioning in the world, and it is indeed a crisis for many people already. Yet the question must be asked: “How much does one really need?” “What are one's fundamental needs?” And beyond meeting these fundamental needs then: “What is the proper use of money?” Indeed, “What is the meaning of accumulating wealth? And what is wealth? And what is it for?”

The Illumination

When your eyes are finally clear and your mind can truly be quiet for any length of time, you will begin to have moments of illumination, moments where you can see beyond what the ordinary senses report and hear things far more beautiful than anything you can hear on Earth.

Relationships of Destiny

You were sent into the world for a greater purpose, a greater purpose that you have not yet discovered. This greater purpose is held within a deeper Knowledge within you, within a deeper Intelligence within you called Knowledge. It will emerge when you are ready to participate within it, and when you have come to realize and experience the deeper need of your soul—to know your purpose, your meaning and your true direction in life.

The Time of Revelation

It is time to proclaim the New Message.

It is time to proclaim that God has sent a New Message into the world to prepare humanity and to protect humanity from the impact of the Great Waves of change that are coming, and from humanity’s vulnerability to a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

Experiencing God

People want many things from God. People want inspiration and protection. They want advantages. They want miracles. They want to be saved from the outcome of their own errors or the consequences of other peoples errors.

Bringing Your Life into Balance

Bringing your life into balance means that you are addressing all of the key areas of your life, and you are doing this in such a way that your life can establish a stable continuity in the face of changing circumstances. When most people think of balancing their life, they are really thinking of catching up, of trying to deal with something that has been neglected. Therefore, they have to put a great deal of energy into one area of their life just to correct the problems there, to plug up the leaks, to deal with an emerging difficulty. But that does not mean that they are achieving a balance.


It is natural for people to want to discover their deeper nature, and to discover and to fulfill their greater purpose for coming into the world. For indeed everyone has been sent here for a greater purpose even though very few people have ever discovered this, or even understand that it is a reality for them.

Facing Great Change in the World

Humanity has reached a great turning point where it must choose a different direction, a direction that will alter the course of human destiny and evolution. Humanity is reaching the limits of what the world can sustain and what the world can produce for a growing human population. And humanity is affecting the balance of the world so significantly that it is setting in motion great change in the physical world, great change that humanity will have to adapt to in the future.


The need for freedom is central to people everywhere, regardless of their situation or their needs. Some people need to be free to feed themselves. They need to be free from oppression. They need to be free from insecurity. They need to be free from intervention from other peoples. They need to be free to just simply live their lives at the most fundamental level.

Dealing with Anger and Frustration

Everyone experiences anger and frustration. There are many things that create frustration and that generate anger. Certainly, failed expectations is one cause. Having your desires be thwarted or held back is another cause. And being unwilling or unable to express your deeper feelings is another cause of anger and frustration. Each of these three causes, you see, can be mitigated and worked out over time, often with assistance from others, sometimes with professional assistance.