Trusting God

People have a great deal of difficulty trusting God. And based upon the notion of the old God, the judgmental God, the condemning God, their distrust is justified. But it is more complex than this.

Adapting to a Changing World

You have come into the world at a time of great change, change brought about primarily by humanity’s overuse and misuse of the world’s resources. This will produce Great Waves of change, affecting every aspect of your life&mdashresource depletion, environmental degradation, changing climate and violent weather, growing economic and political instability, and the risk and threat of war between groups and nations over the remaining resources.

The Importance of the Individual

The New Message from God holds a great revelation for the individual because it presents to humanity for the first time the understanding of spirituality and God&#39s Presence in the world at the level of Knowledge, Knowledge being the deeper Intelligence that the Creator has placed within each person, awaiting the time for that person to reach a state of maturity where this deeper Intelligence can emerge within them.

The New Way Forward for Humanity

In a world of ever–increasing difficulty, competition and conflict, there is a New Message in the world to give humanity a new beginning, to give humanity a new understanding of both its spiritual nature and its future within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

This is an entirely new way for humanity. It is a way that is based upon necessity, upon wisdom and upon facing the great challenges that are coming for the human family. For it is true that what humanity has established thus far is inadequate to prepare it for the future that it will be facing, a future that will be unlike the past in so many ways.

What Will Change the World

The question arises: What will change the world? What will make a real difference for people? What can set humanity on a positive and constructive course, a course so different from the course it is following at this time and has been following for so very long?

Experiencing Your Higher Purpose

You have come here for a greater purpose—to serve a world that will be facing Great Waves of change. You are designed to provide a unique contribution in concert with certain other individuals whom you will have the opportunity to meet in the course of your life.

The Still Mind

The mind is a wonderful vehicle of expression, a tool of communication, allowing you to be in the world to communicate to others who are here. The power of the mind is only known to a few, for most people have not really discovered its importance and its greater facilities, its greater faculties.

Going Beneath the Surface of the Mind

You were born with two minds—a surface mind that has been conditioned by the world; conditioned by your cultures, your family, religion perhaps; conditioned by your experiences, your decisions, your regrets and your resentments. The surface mind is unstable. It is fundamentally insecure.

Food, Water and Energy

Humanity has overspent its natural inheritance. It has overused and misused the world&#39s resources. It has defiled the waters of the world. It has poisoned the soils of the world. It has attacked and eliminated species of the world. It has filled the air with poisonous gases, particulate matter, pollution of so many kinds.

Ending Violence Within

While people abhor violence, and condemn violence, and seek ultimate punishment for those who are engaged in certain kinds of violence, they often fail to see the degree of potential violence within themselves.