Revelations Podcast

Dealing with Anger and Frustration Podcast


Everyone experiences anger and frustration. There are many things that create frustration and that generate anger. Certainly, failed expectations is one cause. Having your desires be thwarted or held back is another cause. And being unwilling or unable to express your deeper feelings is another cause of anger and frustration. Each of these three causes, you see, can be mitigated and worked out over time, often with assistance from others, sometimes with professional assistance.

What God Wills For You Podcast

WHAT GOD WILLS FOR YOU – Chapter 1 | The New Way Forward for Humanity:

You have come into the world for a greater purpose, a greater purpose that was given you before you came here. This greater purpose is held sacred within the deeper Intelligence within you, the deeper Intelligence that God has given you called Knowledge.

You were sent into the world first to learn how to live in the world, to learn how to communicate and associate successfully with other people and to adapt to living in a state of Separation—a state where you had a separate reality and identity that were distinct from others, a reality where you were unknown and unrecognized, except perhaps by a very few people.

The Reformation Podcast

THE REFORMATION – The Reformation: Clearly, there is great reformation that must happen in the world if it is to prepare for the great change that is coming—the great environmental change, the great economic and social change, and all of the hazards and opportunities that this will involve.

Clearly, there must be a great reformation if humanity is to avoid the risk of ongoing war and conflict over who will have access to the remaining resources in a depleted world.

Clearly, there is so much that must change and be renewed and redone and restored. Humanity’s endless pursuit for growth and consumption must come to an end if it is to establish any real stability in a declining world. And there must be great cooperation between the nations and the peoples in order for real change to be established here—the great reformation in the world that must take place.

God’s Plan For The World Podcast

Let Us speak of God’s Plan for the world, a Plan that can only be fulfilled given human dedication and understanding. For God does have a Plan for the world. Without this Plan, the world will become ever more chaotic and unstable, and the outcome will be ever more doubtful and unhappy.
For the world is but [one of] numerous worlds, countless worlds in the Greater Community, where intelligent life has evolved and, in many places, where intelligent life has colonized. The universe is immense, of course. But Creation is even greater than the physical universe.

Freedom from Addiction and Obsession Podcast

FREEDOM FROM ADDICTION AND OBSESSION – Other Revelations: It can be difficult to break old habits. It can be difficult to set aside things that have been with you for a long time—preoccupations, behaviors, activities, interests, hobbies and so forth. People can hold onto these things long after they have ceased to have any real meaning, if they ever had any real meaning to begin with.

Joy and Gratitude Podcast

JOY AND GRATITUDE – Chapter 2 | The Great Practices: Gratitude is something that can be experienced almost every minute if you are aware of the benefits of your life, however few they might be at any given time. Gratitude is a recognition of the giving of others and of the giving of life. It is a recognition of what you have right now. It is a recognition of the miracle of your existence.

The Deep Evaluation Podcast

THE DEEP EVALUATION | The Great Waves of Change: To come to terms with the deeper meaning of your life, the greater purpose of your life, there must be a deep evaluation, and this evaluation will be ongoing. It is fundamentally an evaluation regarding relationships. But I use the word relationship here in a more complete sense, for everything that you are associated with represents a relationship—your possessions, your home, your employment, the world itself, the change that is occurring within the world, the nation in which you live and many other things as well. They all represent relationship.

Fear and Fearlessness Podcast

FEAR AND FEARLESSNESS | Other Revelations: You have two fundamental aspects to your nature. You have a personal mind, which is associated with your body, a mind that has been conditioned by your cultures, your society, your families and by nature itself. This mind is driven by the need for survival. It is driven by the need for security and for resources. It is fundamentally fearful because it is so very aware of the risks and the prospect of loss in the future. It is haunted by this prospect of loss, and it is governed by the need to offset these risks.

A Deeper Recognition in Relationship Podcast

A DEEPER RECOGNITION IN RELATIONSHIPS – Love and Relationships: There are many people in the world today who have no one who can truly recognize them. Beyond their position in a family or a culture, beyond their work as an adult, there is no one in the world who really knows who they are or has a deeper feeling for their life and their destiny. Though people are in relationship for many different reasons—to escape loneliness, to build a family, for social position, for wealth, for power, for companionship—even here this deeper recognition is rare.

The Great Waves of Change Podcast

THE GREAT WAVES OF CHANGE – Chapter 1 | The Great Waves of Change: Great change is coming to the world – change unlike anything that humanity as a whole has ever seen before. Great Waves of change all converging at this time. For humanity has impacted the world in so many ways and the results of that impact are now gathering – gathering strength, gathering force, converging at a time when humanity is largely unaware and unprepared.