The Pilgrimage Podcast

THE PILGRIMAGE – Other Revelations: Because of the sacred journey of the Messenger, it is important that there be a pilgrimage for those who can respond, a pilgrimage to meet him if possible, or to connect with him if meeting him is not possible. If you have been blessed by the Revelation from God, then this Pilgrimage becomes very important, and your reaching out becomes very important during the remaining time that the Messenger will be here on Earth. For he is an older man and has traveled a long and difficult journey, a journey without recognition, a journey without praise from people in the world except for perhaps a very few, working in obscurity to receive the greatest Revelation that has ever been given to this world, to prepare humanity for a future that will be unlike the past in so many ways.

Where Will You Place Your Faith? Podcast

WHERE WILL YOU PLACE YOUR FAITH? – Other Revelations: Faith is important if it is built upon experience. Without experience as its foundation, faith becomes merely a hope, and hope alone is weak. It does not have the power to face disappointment and uncertainty sufficiently. To have faith in God will depend upon one’s expectations. What do you expect from God? What do you want from God? What are you willing to give to God? Though faith itself can cover a broad range of experience, its value can be determined, then. upon what the motives are behind it, what the expectations are and what one expects or even demands of God.

What Will End War? Podcast

WHAT WILL END WAR? – Other Revelations: It is not enough to say that people want peace, and you should not believe that people have always lived together in harmony, for there has been very little harmony in the world at any time. And you should not think that establishing peace in the world is simply creating a new social program or platform or that it is all about politics or relations between various nations or groups. If people are at war within themselves, they will express this in the world, and they will add to conflict that exists between people. If people are committed to fulfilling their desires, it will place them in conflict with others whose desires are competing with theirs. And if people want more than they really need, then they will be taking from others whose needs are going unmet.

The Threshold of Personal Revelation Podcast

THE THRESHOLD OF PERSONAL REVELATION – Other Revelations: It is important to understand that at any point in time in the world, certain people are called. And this calling comes both from within them and from the outside. It is a calling that reverberates in the world and within their inner being. But it is a calling that only they can feel and perhaps another who is there to assist them or to support them in their own personal Revelation. People think of Revelation in terms of the whole world or a nation of people, but there really must be a personal Revelation, and this Revelation is the result of many steps and many stages. It is not something that you can control. You cannot force yourself to have this Revelation because it involves contact with the Spiritual Powers around you and with the Will of the Creator.

The New Message on Religion Podcast

THE NEW MESSAGE ON RELIGION – Other Revelations: At this time and place, it is important to speak about the purpose of religion. Religion is part of the human experience, and any attempts that have been made to eradicate it or to minimize it have proven to be unsuccessful. For you cannot deny the reality of the human spirit. You cannot deny the fundamental reality that there is a greater spiritual need in people that must be expressed. But like all things in the world, that which is natural and essential can become distorted, misaligned and misused, allied with other purposes, particularly when these natural impulses become connected with governments and powerful forces in society.

The New Message on Life in the Universe Podcast

THE NEW MESSAGE ON LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE – Other Revelations: For centuries, people of all cultures and faiths have wondered about life in the universe, speculating and pondering on the possibilities there. And what would advanced civilizations be like? What would they have achieved with their technology? How would they be able to travel within the vast distances between stars and solar systems? And have they themselves, as advanced races in the universe, overcome competition, con¥å‰ict and war? Even today, many people believe that advanced technology is the same as advanced ethics and morality. They assume that if a race has survived over a long period of time that they have by necessity overcome the predisposition to competition, con¥å‰ict and war. In addition, people project their own values upon what they think life might be like in the universe.

The New Message on Fulfillment Podcast

THE NEW MESSAGE ON FULFILLMENT – Other Revelations: It must be understood that your role and position in the world is not simply to garner a future reward. If you are a good person, you go to heaven; if you are a bad person, you go to hell. That is not the truth at all. That is what people think because they want to be rewarded for good behavior, and they want to punish others for their bad behavior.

The New Message on Freedom Podcast

THE NEW MESSAGE ON FREEDOM – Other Revelations: Everyone wants freedom— the freedom to survive, the freedom to be secure, the freedom to meet the basic needs of life—food, water, clothing and shelter. Everyone wants the freedom to pursue their goals and interests. Everyone wants the freedom to establish meaningful relationships with others.

The New Message for the Political Leaders of the World Podcast

THE NEW MESSAGE FOR THE POLITICAL LEADERS OF THE WORLD – Other Revelations: Even at this moment while humanity builds its defenses against one another, as it wages its economic, political and military conflicts with one another, you have a greater adversary at your doorstep, an adversary for whom you have not prepared, but who has indeed prepared for you. And this adversary, though small and though not equipped with military assets, has great skill in influencing human thinking and, therefore, human behavior.

Supporting God’s New Revelation Podcast

SUPPORTING GOD’S NEW REVELATION – Other Revelations: The creator of all life has sent a New Message into the world. A New Message to prepare humanity for the great change that is coming to the world and to prepare humanity for its encounter with life in the universe, an encounter which will change the fate and the destiny of the human family. This New Message has been sent to clarify the real meaning and purpose of human spirituality and the essential unity of all the world’s religions as different pathways to God that have been initiated by God and that have been changed by people.