Revelations Podcast

Healing Relationships Podcast

HEALING RELATIONSHIPS – Other Revelations: Resolving relationships on a personal level is important, but there is another level of your life that you are perhaps only now beginning to consider and to experience, and that is the reality of your higher purpose in the world—that you came into the world for a greater purpose, which you have not yet discovered, that your life has another dimension that you are only beginning to consider and experience, that you are not just the product of your family and your culture. You actually are here on a mission. You have something important to do that is waiting to be discovered and expressed.

Building the Foundation for a Greater Life Podcast

BUILDING THE FOUNDATION FOR A GREATER LIFE – Other Revelations: Facing a world of tremendous change and upheaval will require a greater Intelligence to guide you, a greater strength within you that is beyond you, but that you are a part of. It will require fortitude and compassion and patience. It will require that you relinquish what you think the world must have and your complaints against the world, no matter how deep set they may be.

The Watchtower Podcast

THE WATCHTOWER – Other Revelations: It is very tragic that people are so unaware of what is happening around them, so preoccupied they are with their own thoughts, problems and concerns. It is a remarkable thing that the most intelligent creature should be functioning in such an unintelligent manner. For the animals in the field and the birds in the air are always watching their environment, always checking to see where things stand. Of course, they must do this to survive. But for humanity, so long sheltered in the wealthy nations from the vicissitudes of life and so reliant upon authority figures to define reality and to provide insulation, much of this natural ability and acuity has been lost.

The Great Turning Point for Humanity Podcast

THE GREAT TURNING POINT FOR HUMANITY – Other Revelations: At this great turning point, you stand at the threshold of great change in the world, greater than you yet realize, a greater change than has happened at any time in human history.

For you stand at the threshold of a universe full of intelligent life. An Intervention from this universe has begun. And you face a new world reality, for humanity has changed the world in so many ways, and now it is changing on its own, in ways that you cannot yet control or predict.

The Gift Podcast

THE GIFT – Other Revelations: The New Message from God gives the individual tremendous power. It redirects your focus to the great endowment of Knowledge that the Creator of all life has placed within each person. If this Knowledge can be discovered, experienced, accepted and followed, then the individual will be able to establish a whole new foundation for living in the world. But this brings up the question of how much a person is responsible for their own experience, particularly before Knowledge can arise within them.

The Pure Religion Podcast

THE PURE RELIGION – Chapter 1 | The Pure Religion: It is a great misfortune that people have been so discouraged by the state of religion and the history of religion in this world—all of the violence that it has produced, corruption, misunderstanding and confusion. It is a demonstration of what people do with God’s Revelations when they are not guided by the power of Knowledge within themselves. Here religion becomes a tool of the state, a resource for ambitious people, another distinction that one tribe will use to overwhelm or overcome another.

The Great Faith Podcast

THE GREAT FAITH – Chapter 2 | The Pure Religion: It is necessary now to consider what real faith is in the light of great change in the world. With the coming waves of change that will sweep across the face of the world, with the Greater Darkness that is in the world, your understanding of faith must change. It must take a higher ground, a more secure position, a more authentic understanding and expression.

The Sacred Podcast

THE SACRED – Chapter 3 | The Pure Religion: It is time now to speak of the Sacred—what is truly sacred, what must be revered, what must be recognized—and to see how it is very different from the things that are considered sacred and held to be sacred by many people.

For what is sacred cannot be touched. It cannot be named. It cannot be held within your hands. It is not a place. It is not a building. It is not an object. For what is sacred is what is permanent.

God’s Ancient Covenant with Humanity Podcast

GOD’S ANCIENT COVENANT WITH HUMANITY – Chapter 4 | The Pure Religion: Throughout history humanity has made covenants with God, often thinking that it is God’s covenant that they are creating. These have varied according to the Sacred Covenant that God has always made. For human understanding can never encompass the Divine awareness. And human ethics and human law can never mirror perfectly the Divine awareness, for it is far too great and mysterious, extending far beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect.

The Purpose of Religion Podcast

THE PURPOSE OF RELIGION – Chapter 5 | The Pure Religion: At this time and place, it is important to speak about the purpose of religion. Religion is part of the human experience, and any attempts that have been made to eradicate it or to minimize it have proven to be unsuccessful. For you cannot deny the reality of the human spirit. You cannot deny the fundamental reality that there is a greater spiritual need in people that must be expressed. But like all things in the world, that which is natural and essential can become distorted, misaligned and misused, allied with other purposes, particularly when these natural impulses become connected with governments and powerful forces in society.