Revelations Podcast

Facing the Pandemic and the Great Waves of Change Podcast

FACING THE PANDEMIC AND THE GREAT WAVES OF CHANGE | The New World Prophecy: At this moment in history, humanity is facing a great pandemic, a worldwide pandemic, a pandemic that came from nature, a pandemic that is highly dangerous, transmissible and highly effective at moving around the world with all the travel and interaction that human nations and populations have and engagements with one another. It is a great test for the human family. Can it respond? Will it become educated about it? Or will it simply hope that it is just a passing phase, a cloud passing over their life, to which they seek to return as if nothing serious has really happened?

Discernment in Relationships Podcast

DISCERNMENT IN RELATIONSHIPS | Love and Relationships: There are very few people in the world who will really understand you—your deeper nature and the deeper qualities that you have that even you have not discovered. At the surface of your mind, you might find much agreement, but at a deeper level beneath the surface of your mind, there are only a few who will be able to really recognize you.

Illness and Healing Podcast

ILLNESS AND HEALING – Other Revelations: Becoming ill is a part of life, a hazard of life, a consequence of life. There are many causes: exposure to dangerous substances, stress, disappointment, the desire to retreat from the challenge of one’s life, exposure to other people who are ill, depression, grief. Any or all of these things may be present to initiate illness.

How to Live Podcast

HOW TO LIVE – Preparing for the Great Waves of Change: In a radically changing world, facing the prospects of diminishing resources and environmental destruction, the question must emerge: How can one ethically live? It is important here to realize the difference between your own morals and ideology and the way that you conduct yourself in the world. People often make serious compromises here or, in some cases, are unaware of the consequences of their actions upon the world.

Harmful Influences Podcast

HARMFUL INFLUENCES – Other Revelations: The world is a beautiful place, particularly this world, a jewel in the universe of barren worlds. But the world is also a hazardous place, a place of many perils, a place of many difficulties. It is so unlike your Ancient Home, from which you have come and to which you will return. It is a place of Separation. It is a place of disassociation. It is a place where people are distinct from one another, and though perhaps in close proximity, they seem to be worlds apart—cast into the darkness of their own isolation, cast in a world full of fear and uncertainty.

How Will You Know What to Do? Podcast

HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO? – Preparing for the Great Waves of Change: Many people are concerned about the future. As times become more turbulent and discordant, more and more people will be feeling the anxiety about what may happen next. Their anxiety will increase in time, for in facing the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world, events will accelerate, economies will become more turbulent and unstable. There will be greater environmental problems, and people everywhere will have to face the reality of resource depletion in the world.

Avoiding Disaster Podcast

AVOIDING DISASTER – The New World Prophecy: Humanity now must concern itself with avoiding disaster. This disaster is under recognized and under appreciated by the people who should be looking at this: people in government, people in commerce, religious leaders, community leaders and so forth. The disaster has to do with the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world—great environmental change, changing climate, violent weather, the loss of fundamental resources, the impact upon people and your ability to grow food, scarcity of water, growing economic hardship and instability, and the risk of nations going to war over who will have access to the remaining resources of the world.

Facing an Uncertain and Difficult World Podcast

FACING AN UNCERTAIN AND DIFFICULT WORLD – Preparing for the Great Waves of Change: It is evident that you are entering into a time of great instability and uncertainty in the world, a time where the Great Waves of change are beginning to strike the world: resource depletion, environmental degradation, violent weather, growing economic and political instability and the risk of war and conflict over the world’s remaining resources. It is a time that will represent the results of humanity’s misuse and overuse of the world. It is a time where there will be so many currents and cross currents that it will be impossible to predict exactly how things will turn out.

Approaching the New Message Podcast

APPROACHING THE NEW MESSAGE – Chapter 1 | The Worldwide Community of God’s New Message: The New Message from God provides each person an opportunity to build a connection with the deeper Intelligence that the Creator of all life has placed within them—to guide them, to bless them and to lead them to a greater life in service to others in the world. This deeper connection, then, is the critical link in a person’s life, for even in wealth and splendor in the world, you cannot find real inspiration there. Nor can you have a sense of your permanence and the reality of your presence in the world. To live without this deeper connection is to live half a life, a life only on the outside, and not a real life on the inside.

Recognizing the Message and the Messenger Podcast

RECOGNIZING THE MESSAGE AND THE MESSENGER – The Worldwide Community of God’s New Message: The New Message from God is a gift to all of humanity. It is here to warn humanity of its two great challenges coming to the world—the challenge of the Great Waves of change and the challenge of contact with intelligent life in the universe. The New Message from God is here to uplift humanity’s understanding of its spiritual nature and purpose in the world by understanding spirituality at the level of Knowledge, the deeper Intelligence that God has placed within each person.