Questions and Answers

What does the New Message ask of me?

The New Message asks of you honesty, sincerity, integrity and commitment – all the things that everyone needs to establish in his or her own life and everything that needs to be established within the communities and villages, the cities and nations of the world. The New Message asks you to honor what you need… Read More

What does the New Message advocate?

1. Human freedom – learning to build, maintain and protect your individual freedom and humanity’s collective freedom in the face of grave and unprecedented challenges. 2. Human unity, cooperation and the cessation of war and conflict – not out of high morals and ideals but for humanity’s collective survival. 3. Sustainability and the restoration of… Read More

How Do I Communicate with God?

Through Knowledge you can feel the presence of all relationships. This is the experience of God. God is the Source of Knowledge within you, Knowledge being your deeper spiritual mind that the Creator has bestowed upon you and upon all sentient beings in the Universe. God has created the physical Universe, but not in the… Read More

What is God?

“Here you will be focusing not on a God of your world and of your time, but a God of all worlds and all times.” In the New Message, God is considered within the larger context of the entire Universe, rather than just within this one world. It is humanity’s destiny to emerge into this Greater Community of intelligent life.… Read More

How was the New Message received?

A great love has brought this New Message into the world – the love of the Creator for Creation, the love of the Creator for the human family – showing humanity its great opportunity within this world to become a united and free race.” The New Message represents the will of God for humanity, both… Read More

Why is it here?

“You are driving headlong into a future that will be unlike the past, but you are not prepared. That is why there is a New Message from God.” Humanity stands at the precipice of great change and an uncertain future… With a growing population in a world of limited resources, the threat of widespread human… Read More

What is the New Message from God?

“A New Message has been sent from the Creator of all life. It is a message to prepare the individual and to prepare the peoples of the world to survive and to advance through the great perils that await humanity. It is a great gift in the face of an urgent need.” There is a New Message from God… Read More