MVS Podcast

Ep. 76: How Do We Deal with Mass Human Suffering?

We live in a world where growing numbers of people are drinking from a slowly shrinking well. Food. Water. Resources. How will we deal with that? What will guide us? What will unite us? What will tear us apart? You can’t change this; you can’t make it go away. We can mitigate it. We can prepare for it.

Ep. 75: Four Realities Moving Humanity

What is the next step for humanity? What is actually happening in the world? These are four realities that our now shaping our inner lives and our world, eclipsing an age old isolation for our planet.

Ep. 74: Who Are You, Really?

Are we our minds? Our bodies? Some sort of combination of these? Is the identity that we have created over time in this life who we truly are? Marshall speaks about the part of us that is connected to timeless creation and how this is directly relevant to why we are here in the first place. 

Ep. 73: Destiny is More Than Living for the Moment

What matters in living in the world is stability and service and inspiration, problem solving, destiny—things of this nature, all of a higher order, not products of personality or the desire to be unique and special and separate.

Ep. 72: What Unites Us

A teaching about the pitfalls of the popular notion of living for the moment and emphasizes a deeper journey that brings about a purposeful life.

Ep. 71: When to Exert or Relinquish Authority

Should one give up all authority to God or a higher power? Well, not always, says Marshall. One must know when to exert one’s authority in life’s affairs and when to give up wanting to direct one’s life and seek guidance from something deeper. 

Ep. 70: Working with the Mind

Marshall Vian Summers speaks during a worldwide virtual Summit event on how to manage and work with our minds in order to be effective within the world, and how this connects to spiritual practice and development.