MVS Podcast

Ep. 49: Sharing Authority With God

Marshall Vian Summers gives a teaching on taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions because God won’t manage your life for you. Marshall reveals that your relationship with God is based on what you can do together and inv

Ep. 47: Dealing with Problems Will Make You Strong

Marshall Vian Summers speaks on dealing with problems and gives insight into the problem with problems. Marshall discusses how dealing with problems gives you the strength, the freedom and the abilities to deal with the larger problems of life.

Ep. 46: Taking Steps Away from Inertia

Marshall Vian Summers gives an important teaching on change and provides insight into how real change is accomplished in life. Marshall discusses the sense of inertia that can build in your life if you are not exerting the effort and taking steps to make the changes you know you need to make. Marshall reveals that real change and the answers to the bigger problems in life are the product of a journey, a journey of many steps.

Ep. 45: The Importance of Practice

Marshall Vian Summers discusses his own journey of Steps to Knowledge. He discusses Step 340, “My Practice is My Contribution to the World” and the concept that we are always practicing something, whether it harms us or contributes to our development.

Ep. 44: Functional Spirituality for a Strong Foundation

Marshall Vian Summers gives a teaching on functional spirituality and how it is essential for building a strong foundation in life. Marshall discusses how this foundation is built through the strengthening of the Four Pillars of our life- the Pillar of Work, the Pillar of Health, the Pillar of Relationship and the Pillar of Spiritual Development, and encourages us to return to our inner power and wisdom if we want to live a genuine life and be a strong contributor to a world in need.

Ep. 43: Facing the Toll of Disrupting Nature

What is the real cost of a pandemic? What is the unique challenge it brings to our world? Marshall Vian Summers discusses the profound impact of pandemics such as COVID-19 upon our planet and asks us to be with reality as we assess this long crisis–what it means for us individually and collectively.

Ep. 42: Valuing Truth Beyond Comfort

To see reality clearly and discover the truth of our life requires us to value the truth and have a desire for the truth that goes beyond comfort, consolation or fulfilling wishes.
In this teaching, Marshall Vian Summers speaks on how the future isn’t completely uncertain for those who have ‘the eyes to see and the ears to hear’.

Ep. 40: Feeling the Mystery Moving in Your Life

Marshall Vian Summers speaks on the two primary aspects of ourselves and discusses how these two aspects need to work together in order to give our gifts to a world in need, which fulfills the greater calling that brought us into the world at this great turning point for humanity.