Ep. 10: “Who Am I?” – Set this Question Aside

Marshall invites the listener to take a journey that goes beyond your thoughts and beliefs, the norms for society and the expectations of others. The answers to the important questions in life lie beyond the paved highway of life, where you enter the mystery of who you are and why you have come into the world.

Ep. 9: The Jungle Within Yourself

Each one of us has a jungle of influences, persuasions, decisions and regrets, of unfulfilled desires and fantasies. Marshall speaks of how this jungle prevents each of us from moving in a clear direction that is aligned with why we are in the world, and gives a teaching on how we can begin a journey out of it through our innate inner guidance and wisdom to begin living the life we are meant to live.

Ep. 8: Spiritual Preparation for Global Crises

Marshall speaks on how our spiritual nature and purpose are connected to the the great change that is occurring in the world, and provides insight, guidance and empowerment for navigating the challenging times ahead.

Ep. 7: Your Relationship with God

A teaching about how each person’s direct connection to God is key to finding purpose and meaning in the world, and how to go beyond the veil of belief into relationship with God.

Ep. 5: A Way Out of Suffering

Even in a beautiful world, why do we struggle to find happiness? Marshall Vian Summers speaks about a way out of the condition we seem to live in, as though a ladder has been sent down.