MVS Podcast

Ep. 60: Signs and Impacts of a New World Reality

Marshall Vian Summers asks us to consider the position of those facing devastation from natural disasters around the world. What is it really like to be in the middle of a storm? What would you do? What would it mean for your future?

Ep. 55: Our Relationship with God

Marshall Vian Summers speaks on our most primary relationship and how this determines the strength of our other relationships in the world. The question becomes “What can we do together?” for any relationship.

Ep. 54: Moving With What You Know to Do

Marshall Vian Summers discusses how spirituality is more about movement in life than having high spiritual experiences. Marshall expresses how following an invisible light, the mystery of your life, and taking the steps to move your life in a true direction represents a real test of faith and trust.

Ep. 53: What You Serve and Why You Serve

Marshall Vian Summers discusses Spiritual Family and fulfilling your higher purpose in life. Marshall gives a teaching on what really matters in your life is what you do, what you serve and why you serve.

Ep. 52: Using Power for Decisive Action

There is a greater power living within you. This greater power needs to be utilized for decisive action, action that will move your life in the direction it is destined to go.
In this clip from a larger teaching by Marshall Vian Summers, Marshall points to the work that is required if we seek to be a vehicle for a greater power and a greater reality within the the world. This work includes building the Four Pillars of life: work, health, relationship and spiritual development.

Ep. 51: 3 Causes of Ambivalence

What are the causes of ambivalence? We have all been sent into the world with a higher purpose, a greater mission in life. To fulfill this mission we need to overcome our tendency towards ambivalence. Otherwise, it will be a roadblock on the path to fulfilling our destiny in the world.