MVS Podcast

Ep. 35: 4 Areas for Action During a Pandemic

Marshall Vian Summers identifies the areas of our lives in which we can take practical action as we face the reality of COVID-19 and pandemics to come. Here we are encouraged to “set aside the illusion of control” over what is happening large scale, and focus on our next steps.

Ep. 34: Feeling the Suffering of the World

Marshall Vian Summers discusses the developing of functional skills for self-awareness in such a way that the world does not overwhelm you at a time like this in the world, “where we become the junction where the divine can come into the world and serve the world.”

Ep. 31: The Journey to a New Life

Everyone who is in the world today was sent here for a greater purpose. To do what you were sent to do requires that you begin to re-engage with the part of you—the deeper part of you—that is still connected to your Source and to those who sent you into the World.

Ep. 30: Why Do We Need Religion?

In this excerpt Marshall speaks about religion and answers a question about the value of religion in today’s world. This was part of a teaching broadcast as part of the release of The Pure Religion book.

Ep. 29: Reclaiming Your True Self

In this teaching, Marshall Vian Summers speaks on the reclamation of your true self– bringing the mystery and the manifest together so you can give your true gifts to the world.

Ep. 28: A New God Experience

Marshall reveals a new experience of God, that is not bound by strict belief or admonition, nor is defined by religious authorities or traditions. An experience that is pure, refreshing, uplifting, empowering.

Ep. 27: The Crisis of Being Separate

We are spiritual beings living in a physical reality, in a state of Separation from our Source and from Creation beyond the physical reality. In this clip, Marshall Vian Summers speaks on the Crisis of Separation and how we use all manner of distractions to avoid facing this inner crisis.