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God’s Messenger in Iran “While conflicts may be initiated and condoned by political and military leaders…the engine of war is greater than they are. The engine of war is produced by how people live, what they use from the Earth, what they believe they must have for themselves and their endless quest for wealth, power… Read More


God’s Messenger in Cambodia “People do not see, and they do not understand the power of these times to alter the fate of humanity. They do not see the power of the Great Waves of change, and they do not see the power and the influence of the Greater Community. So their minds are elsewhere,… Read More


God’s Messenger in Vietnam “If someone sits still long enough and is able to quiet their mind, they will begin to feel the Presence. If someone begins to feel their real state of being, the real condition of their mind and their body, and they are able to be with themselves at a deeper level,… Read More


God’s Messenger in France “This is what a Revelation looks like. Everyone has to take risks. Everyone has to be stronger. Everyone has to hold to the truth.”   France


God’s Messenger in Malaysia “Though he will not be in the world forever, to learn of him in his life is an essential relationship for you now, for he is the bringer of God’s New Word and Teaching for the world. He is the seed of Greater Community Knowledge and Wisdom in the world. There… Read More

South Korea

God’s Messenger in South Korea “The Messenger is in the world, and though he is an older man, he must encounter certain people in his remaining time on Earth. They must understand very clearly what this encounter means for them…he must call them into service, for his task is far too great for him alone… Read More