The Mind, Religion and Belief

The Messenger is calling us to cultivate the “inner sanctum” of our experience and to safeguard our mind from creating walls and barriers and ultimately a “fortress of belief” against others whose beliefs are different from our own. Unfortunately, this is how religion, which is meant to unite people beyond their differences, has become a force for differentiation, separation and ultimately conflict in the world.

Launching a “Message to Earth”

Full video of an evening to celebrate the global launch of Allies Book 3: A Message to Earth. This video celebration took place at the Greater Community Sanctuary.

An invitation to join us…

Hello New Message students, supporters and friends worldwide, I’d like to invite you to join the Worldwide Community Monday January 28th at 6:30pm for a LIVE broadcast event celebrating the birth of Marshall Vian Summers – who has brought us Steps to Knowledge, The Allies of Humanity Briefings and the 9000 revelation of The New… Read More

As the Sun Rose over Tehran

by Reed Summers (Part 2 of the Messenger’s Journey to Iran. Part 1) A tapping sound entered my dreams and I labored in my sleep to make sense of it. There was a man standing in the dark shade of fir trees. Behind him was a hillside of gold aspens and up between the branches… Read More

Witnessing the Revelation

by Reed Summers When I was 10 years old I climbed to the top floor of our house because I heard a voice. I went up slowly, pausing to listen. I crawled on hands and knees across the short landing that led to my parents room and pressed my ear against the door. It was… Read More

The Messenger in Tehran

(In 2008, I accompanied the Messenger to Iran. This is part 1 of my recollection of that important journey. Part 2) Heat rose like steam off the streets of Tehran. Every few blocks we came upon a new river: six lanes moving fast and no street lights to slow the rushing cars. It was 5pm and… Read More

My Father

For 29 years, my father has undergone a process of revelation. This started with a mysterious voice and a mandate to “record,” an encounter that changed his life permanently and forever. That was in 1982. In the years since, my father Marshall Vian Summers has received 9160 pages of revelation through 800 visitations from this… Read More