Great Waves weekly quote

Begin to Prepare Your Inner and Outer Life

Presented here are several recommendations to assist you in beginning to prepare for the Great Waves of change. Since each person’s life, circumstances and higher purpose are unique, there is no set of recommendations that can speak to every circumstance and need. Yet these recommendations will be important in helping you to focus your activities… Read More

You Will Have to Cool the Planet

You are living in a global emergency. This growing world emergency can ruin your economies. It can lead to mass starvation and death. It can lead to warfare, perpetual warfare, on a scale that has never been seen here before. It can create calamities so violent and continuous, as if nature were thrashing out against humanity,… Read More

What will the future look like?

People will ask: “What will these Great Waves look like? What can we expect? What are we really preparing for? Is it a difficult situation or is it a terrible situation?” The answer depends upon many things—upon human response and responsibility. Certainly, the resources of the world will be diminished, and there will be great… Read More

The Bill has Come Due

The bill has come due. Humanity has been spending and borrowing its natural inheritance for so long, postponing the payment of the consequences of this for so long, and now the bill has come due. Now the consequences are emerging powerfully, and there are many of them. Now you must reckon what you have created.… Read More

Untroubled by the problems of the world?

Perhaps you are accustomed to being untroubled by the greater problems of the world. Perhaps you have insulated yourself sufficiently where they seem to be distant, where they do not seem to be a problem for you. They seem to be someone else’s problem, a problem in another country, a problem that other people have to face and deal with.… Read More

What Should I Tell My Children?

You must prepare your children, for they will be living in a world of ever greater change and difficulty. You strengthen them not by telling them what is coming, but by strengthening their connection to Knowledge, by teaching them the difference between fantasy and reality, by helping them to discern the nature of their own strengths and weaknesses, by sharing with… Read More

Gain a Stronger Position

Today there are increasing numbers of people—many, many people—who are worried about what might happen next. They are genuinely concerned, but they are not moving. They are not moving with Knowledge, their deeper knowing. They are not preparing for the Great Waves of change. They are just concerned. What will it take to bring them… Read More

You Must Begin Somewhere

Where are you right now? Who are you with, and what are you doing with them? What do you own, and is it giving you strength or taking strength away from you? What do you believe, and are your beliefs giving you clarity, or are they a replacement for Knowledge itself? Where is your time going? Where is your mind… Read More

Are You Seeing the Signs?

Before there is a great illness, there are signs. Before there is a great drought, there are signs. Before there is a failure in your activities, there are signs. Before a relationship fails, there are signs. Before any great mistake, there are signs. Yet who is paying attention? Who is looking? Who has the clarity of mind  to see… Read More

What population can the world support?

While there are great sources of energy that humanity has not yet discovered, humanity is a long way from discovering them, and it will have to survive the Great Waves of change even to have a chance of discovering them. The transition period to a new stability in the world will be long and very… Read More