Prayers of the Messenger

A Prayer for Japan

At this time of great trial and destruction, I pray for the people of Japan. I pray that their courage and endurance will arise to meet the critical situation they are facing. I pray that whatever differences exist amongst them and between them will be set aside so that young and old, they can provide… Read More

A Prayer for Libya

As the struggles for freedom emerge around the world, let us give our support and our blessings and encouragement to the peoples of Libya, who are rising up against their brutal and repressive regime, to claim their essential and long-denied freedoms. I pray for them now, that they may be successful in their effort and… Read More

A Prayer of Gratitude

Marshall Vian Summers gives his thanks for the blessings and opportunities at a time when the New Message from God is reaching out into the world, finding people those who are destined to be its students and supporters. LISTEN: READ: I think that we have before us an unparalleled gift to receive and to give,… Read More