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What God moves and what moves God?

God’s movement… set into motion the forces of nature, evolution, and geologic change at the beginning of time watches over all worlds calls the separated to return through the avenues of religion, of conscience, of true love and recognition does not care what your religious beliefs are if they facilitate Knowledge God is moved by…… Read More

Today I will feel the power of God

God’s power is so complete and so inclusive that it infuses everything. Only those minds that are separated and lost in valuing their own thoughts can possibly be separated from the great benevolence of God. Those who have responded to God become God’s Messengers in time so that they may bestow the gifts of Grace upon those who remain behind… Read More

Why a New God?

~ You need a new understanding of God now because the God of the ancients was a small God—a God of your world and of your time, a God of your cultures, a God of your peoples. ~ To understand humanity’s destiny and future within a Greater Community of life in the universe and to… Read More

Spiritual Beings Living in Physical Reality

You are a spiritual being living in a physical reality. This accounts for your dual nature and the fundamental conflict and confusion that permeate your mind and activities. It is the result of separation fundamentally, for you cannot yet be who you really are in this world and life without undergoing a great preparation, which… Read More

What stands in the way of redemption?

To reunite with God, you have to become more like what God really created in you. God has placed Knowledge within you to guide you and to redeem you. Beliefs are secondary and often stand in the way of this redemption. Thinking that your religion is the one true religion will stand in the way… Read More

The Messenger carries the Message like a Fire

The Messenger is in the world. He has been prepared for so very long. It has taken a great deal of time to receive a Revelation more expansive and inclusive than anything that has ever been given to this world—given now plainly and clearly, in a world of global communications and global commerce, no longer… Read More

A Message for the Whole World

This New Message is not just for one nation, for one group, for one religion. It is for the whole people of the world. It is a Revelation for the world. It is not meant to replace the world’s religions, but to call for their unity and their strength, to emphasize their common truth, to… Read More

The Process of Revelation

For the first time in the history of this world, you are able to witness the process of Revelation. Aided with modern technology, the whole process is being recorded so there can be no mistake in future interpretations, as has been so often the case in the past. It is not merely the Revelation that… Read More

The Message and The Messenger

You are seeing for the first time here the real nature of Revelation, the real nature and purpose of a true Messenger in the world. You are seeing here for the first time how God gives great Messages into the world to serve the world at that time and for the times to come and… Read More

Revealing a Greater Journey and Destiny

At some point, it will be necessary for you to study the pathway that the New Message has provided, to take the steps to Knowledge, to read the Wisdom from the Greater Community, to learn about Greater Community Spirituality. This will be like food to you, food for your heart, food for your soul. You… Read More