Expecting and Wanting too Little

People come to the New Message hoping that they will find the wisdom necessary to correct their mistakes and to make their current investments profitable and meaningful, but the New Message is here to give them a new life—not simply a new idea put upon an old life, not simply a sweetener to make the bitter taste of their… Read More

Live Close to Life and the Moment

God has spoken again—to awaken the world, to prepare the world, to strengthen the human family, to bring forth its greatest assets, so that it may utilize the wisdom of its religions, the wisdom of its culture and the many successes that humanity has achieved in the building of a world civilization. Everything will be… Read More

It is come at just the right time

There is a New Message from God for the individual, and there is a New Message from God for the entire world. It is here now. It has taken a long time for the Messenger to receive it, for the Message is very great. Honor then the one who has come to bring the New Message… Read More

Look at the World

Now is the time to look, learn, listen and follow. Look at the world. Listen for its signs. Learn what it is teaching you and telling you about what is coming. Begin to prepare your life, to simplify your life, to unburden your life. Everyone can do that right now. Simplify your life. That which is… Read More

You have come into the world

You have come into the world at a crucial time. You have come to serve the world in its present needs. You have come to prepare for future generations. Can all of this be meaningful to you personally now? Perhaps not, because you are working for the present and for the future. You are working for the life that… Read More

What God Wills

God wills for humanity to survive and to advance in the face of the Great Waves of change, but what God wills and what people will do are not the same, you see. That is why God must send now a New Message into the world to prepare humanity for a future that will be… Read More

See what is transpiring

Humanity will have to move to a different kind of equilibrium with life in the future, a different kind of stability in the world. The great question facing you is what will happen between now and then? If people are blind and do not see the Great Waves of change coming over the horizon; if… Read More