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The 2 Levels of Consciousness

You live life at two levels of consciousness. You live life at the level at which you think, and you live life at the level at which you know. It is to bring you into life at the level at which you know that is the purpose of true religion in all of its forms.… Read More

Let Knowledge Carry You Forward

With Knowledge, the deeper mind within, you will understand the Greater Community presence in the world. You will have insight here. With Knowledge, you will be able to see the outcome of a relationship before it even begins. With Knowledge, you will be able to see destiny in certain things and in certain activities. Knowledge will… Read More

Knowledge: the essence of spirituality

In the Greater Community, Knowledge is the essence and substance of all religious experience. It transcends the expressions of this experience in terms of theology, devotional ritual and spiritual practices, which vary considerably from one world to another world. However, the essence of spirituality—the motivating factor in religion, the real call of religious experience—is Knowledge.… Read More

The Experience of Knowledge

To begin to understand the reality of Knowledge, we must look at the evidence of Knowledge. This evidence can be found in your experience. It is the experience of being moved to do something or moved not to do something. It is the experience of irrational restraint. It is the experience of foreseeing something and… Read More

The Promise of Redemption

The New Message from God is your promise of redemption. No matter how difficult or unhappy your life has become, no matter what you have done in the past, no matter how many regrets you may have, this is your redemption. For Knowledge within you is untainted by the world and untainted by your own misunderstanding and confusion. It… Read More

A New Lease on Life

Life begins anew with a New Revelation. It is like a new lease on life. It is a new promise. It is a New Revelation from God, given now with the Great Love of the Creator, given now with deep compassion for humanity’s predicament, and difficulties, and troubled history, and destructive tendencies and so forth. It is like… Read More

Expecting and Wanting too Little

People come to the New Message hoping that they will find the wisdom necessary to correct their mistakes and to make their current investments profitable and meaningful, but the New Message is here to give them a new life—not simply a new idea put upon an old life, not simply a sweetener to make the bitter taste of their… Read More

Live Close to Life and the Moment

God has spoken again—to awaken the world, to prepare the world, to strengthen the human family, to bring forth its greatest assets, so that it may utilize the wisdom of its religions, the wisdom of its culture and the many successes that humanity has achieved in the building of a world civilization. Everything will be… Read More