Featured Teachings

You Are Blessed

God is giving you what you really need for today and for tomorrow and for the remainder of your life on Earth. People look to the Heavens wanting to have dispensations to try to fulfill their desires, ambitions and needs, but God is providing what is really essential. Once you come to the truth within… Read More

Take the Journey

You are standing at the cusp of a new world experience. You must prepare for a world that will be much more dangerous and difficult to navigate. Great tribulation is coming to the world, not because God wills it but because humanity has set it in motion. Indeed, you have been sent into the world… Read More

The Greatest Human Endeavor

This is a time when humanity will have to unite to protect the world and to save itself. God is here giving you the Warning, the Blessing and the Preparation to save yourselves, to save your nation, to save your families and your communities, to save human civilization. The Angelic Assembly that oversees this world… Read More

God’s Plan Is to Save Everyone

To understand the love of God, to understand God’s Plan to save everyone, you must have the eyes to see beyond what you are accustomed to, beyond perhaps what you have been taught. Beyond your religious and social conditioning, to a certain degree, you must see. And when you do, the meaning of your life… Read More

How Does God Speak to You?

No one has come here by accident. Everyone has been sent for a purpose. This purpose remains undiscovered within you, but you must find it, for that is the great pursuit in life. Beyond meeting your basic requirements to exist in this reality, you must find this purpose, for this is how God will speak… Read More

The World Must Hear God’s New Revelation

The world must hear God’s New Revelation, or it will not prepare for the great future, for the new world it is just beginning to experience. It will not end its ceaseless conflicts but degrade the world even further, casting humanity into ever greater darkness and confusion. The world must hear God’s New Revelation. For… Read More

Look with Compassion

You will have to look on the world very compassionately in the future. You will see much failure and loss. You will see great foolishness and even the recurrent indulgences of humanity become ever more extreme. You will have to forgive and look upon the world with compassion. You cannot be fully detached from it,… Read More

Overlapping Patterns of Evolution

You have overlapping two different kinds of patterns. You have the pattern of evolution that humanity is just beginning to comprehend, and then you have a pattern of evolution regarding awareness and spirituality that has been set in motion and is supported by Unseen Spiritual Forces wherever intelligent life exists. One seems random and chaotic;… Read More