The Messenger is partly one of us and partly one of you.

  “For Marshall to be able to become the Messenger, he would have to have a foot in both worlds—a foot in the real world of human interactions, human relationships and the difficulties and complexities of relations between nations…He would have to have a foot in the Mystery, deeply anchored there so that the challenges… Read More

The New Message on Heaven & Hell

“Think of Heaven as where you have come from and think of Hell as where you have been sent to serve—to help reclaim the separated, to support their reassociation with Knowledge within themselves and to create a world where Knowledge is more evident than it is today, where inspiration is more evident than it is… Read More

“Who can respond to a calling like this?”

The Creator offers The Way of Knowledge to everyone, in one form or another. A few are ready, and most do not respond. We can assure you that the Creator does not worry about them. Everyone will respond eventually, but eventually can be a long, long way in the future. Eventually, everyone will come to… Read More

“It is We who spoke to Jesus.”

“We are the Ones who have brought all of the Revelations into the world. For God does not speak. God is not a person or a personage or a personality or a singular awareness. To think like this is to underestimate the Creator and to overestimate yourself. It is We who spoke to Jesus and… Read More