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People Will Have Faith in Something

People will have faith in something because to have faith is natural. If they do not have faith in God, they will have faith in something else that takes the place of God. They may have faith in their government. They may have faith in the economy. They may have faith in industry. They may… Read More

October 2 – 6, 2014: “The Encampment” – The Worldwide Community of the New Message from God convenes – Registration Required

The Encampment takes place this year from Thursday, October 2, 2014 to Monday, October 6, 2014 at the Ram’s Horn Lodge in the beautiful high altitudes of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. Join us in these five historic days of exploring your destiny with the New Message and the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, and others called from around the world.… Read More

God Seeks to Prepare Humanity for a New World

God seeks to prepare humanity for a new world, a new reality, and for its encounter with life in the universe, an encounter that will change and determine the future and destiny of humanity. You are entering a new world—a world of environmental change, a world of violent weather, a world that is unpredictable, a… Read More

Humanity Must Adapt and Change

You cannot stop the Great Waves of change. You can mitigate them and their impacts and you can prepare for them, but you cannot stop them now. If people cannot change, based upon their conscience and their vision of the world, then they will have to change in the face of demanding situations and crises.… Read More

May God Shine Upon You

The Great Rays are being cast upon those who can respond and who must respond. It is a Great Plan for a universe so far beyond what you can even imagine you cannot conceive of it. It will make you realize that your former ideas were either hopelessly false or greatly inadequate to address the real… Read More

A Deeper Meaning of Christmas

Christmas represents the emergence of Knowledge in the individual. This is exemplified in the life of Jesus, who beyond his own understanding even, a Greater Power emerged within him and overtook his life—uniting him with the Unseen Ones, who guided him and led to the expression of his great and significant ministry. His demonstration, then,… Read More

The Messenger on “Life in the Universe”

Newstalk Ireland talks with Prophet and Messenger Marshall Vian Summers about Life in the Universe, the newest sacred text of the New Message from God. “The Revelation that has consumed my life for the last thirty years is a New Message from God. It is a Revelation that is deeply spiritual in nature and yet reveals… Read More

Great Rays are Shining

People pray for many things but the Angelic Assembly is waiting for the real calling from the individual—a calling usually born of despair and frustration or disappointment in the world, seeking for something more real, more authentic, more permanent and more essential to their true nature and purpose for being in this world at this time.… Read More

God Knows the Way to Knowledge

How can you find your way when you are lost? How can you know certainty when you value the temporary so greatly? How can you know the power of your own life when you are so intimidated by threats of loss and destruction? Life is kind to you, for it offers not only the reward but the way to the… Read More

Today I Will Feel The Power Of God

God’s power is so complete and so inclusive that it infuses everything. Only those minds that are separated and lost in valuing their own thoughts can possibly be separated from the great benevolence of God. Those who have responded to God become God’s Messengers in time so that they may bestow the gifts of Grace upon those who… Read More