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The Greatest Journey

This is the greatest journey. Travel around the world again and again and you will not take such a great journey as this. It is a journey that deepens you and expands your perception. It is a journey that changes your priorities and values simply because it is natural for them to change. It is a journey… Read More

A Living Spiritual Presence

Knowledge is not only intuition or certain kinds of urges or feelings or sensations or insights or recollections or premonitions — it is a living Spiritual Presence within you, the Mind behind the mind, the Spirit within the mind, a Spirit that is not an individual, but a Spirit that is flowing through you as… Read More

Purpose and the Great Need

God knows how difficult the world is. God is not running the world and every little event. But God is responding to great turning points in the history of humanity. God is aware of the great peril that exists for the human family as it faces a declining world and intervention from races in the universe who are… Read More

The Great Undoing

The student of Knowledge is in a process of undoing things they have already set in motion and breaking free of false expectations, goals, plans and desires. They do not become ascetic here; they simply become honest—basic, simple, deep honesty. It is not a lifestyle. You are not giving up all pleasures; you are not… Read More

The Turning Point

Once you begin to become really honest with yourself about your life and affairs, no matter how painful this recognition might be in the moment, it marks a turning point in your life—a turning point where you begin to see things more clearly and are more willing to see things more clearly, to be more… Read More

A Great Crossroad

You are at a great crossroads. Choose one path and it will determine your destiny. Choose another path and it will determine your destiny. Here you must have vision. You cannot simply act out of haste and expediency. You cannot simply act out of desire for power and wealth in the moment, or you will… Read More

The Vision for Humanity

Humanity has the seeds of greatness, despite its errors, its ignorance and its corruption. Spirituality is still alive in this world, where it has died and been forgotten in so many others. The fire of love is still burning here, in the minds and hearts of many, many people—a fire that has grown cold in… Read More

Free ebook! The Great Waves of Change

In The Great Waves of Change, Marshall Vian Summers explains the steps you can take to navigate our increasingly turbulent and uncertain times. In the face of such uncertainty, Summers presents a revolutionary new way of knowing—a unique process that can be applied by people everywhere. By understanding the Great Waves and by connecting to a… Read More

The Man or Woman of Knowledge

The man or woman of Knowledge is watching—watching without coming to fixed conclusions, watching without condemning the world, watching without losing hope, watching without becoming jaded or cynical, watching without blaming leaders or individuals or nations, watching the changing landscapes of the world, looking for the signs that the world is giving to indicate how,… Read More

Grandeur, Folly and the Greater Truth

The world in its grandeur and in its folly teaches you what to value and to recognize what is true. Contrast must be evident in learning for you to make these distinctions. To distinguish what is true from what is false and what is meaningful from what is meaningless, you must have contrast in learning. You must taste the meaningless… Read More