God’s Plan for the World

Let Us speak of God’s Plan for the world, a Plan that can only be fulfilled given human dedication and understanding. For God does have a Plan for the world. Without this Plan, the world will become ever more chaotic and unstable, and the outcome will be ever more doubtful and unhappy.

Four Pillars Review Practice

As the second great practice of Living The Way of Knowledge, it is recommended that a Four Pillars Review Practice be included along with each Review in Steps to Knowledge. In your Reviews, it is important to focus on the Four Pillars of your life. This is “checking in” so to speak, while building the… Read More

Marriage and Higher Purpose

Marriage is something that should be a focus for every person. Marriage is an act of uniting your life, of focusing your life, and of pulling yourself into a position of becoming a provider to join something greater than yourself, to give yourself to something greater than your personal interests alone.

Raising Children

It is important to remember that it is everyone&#39s purpose in the world to discover the Knowledge that God has placed within them and to do this to the best of their abilities, given their circumstances and the opportunities for contribution. In many places in the world today, these opportunities and these circumstances are very restricted as people are struggling to eke out a living under very difficult environmental and political circumstances. In some cases, their religious beliefs circumscribe them as well. This creates great problems for people in understanding their true Divine nature and limits their access to the discovery and the expression of Knowledge, the deeper Intelligence that the Creator of all life has placed within each person as a potential.

What Really Matters?

Today We shall speak on what really matters in life&#8212what really matters for you. What are the essential things that you are here to understand, the people you are here to meet, the things you are here to do—the essential things that have brought you into the world with a higher purpose, not merely here to survive and try to make yourself happy and comfortable, compromising yourself along the way, frustrating yourself endlessly.

Restoring the World

Humanity is degrading the world at a frightening pace, diminishing the wealth of the world and its productivity for the future. This, of course, is known to many, though humanity as a whole and the governments of the world still remain heedless. The needs of the moment overtake the preparation for the future. The preoccupations of lesser matters obscure the needs of greater things.

The New World Prophecy

The Creator of all life has sent a New Message into the world, a New Message unlike anything that humanity has ever received before, a New Revelation for this time and for the times to come, and with it a greater prophecy about humanity’s future and the great danger that the human family now faces.

God’s Revelations are rare. They do not come often at all, and their wisdom and the depth of their teaching are meant to last a very long time. For it will take people a very long time to fathom the depths of this New Revelation. It will take centuries to fathom its depths. But humanity does not have centuries now. It has reached a great threshold, a turning point in its evolution where it will have to face a world in decline—a world that has been overused and abused through human greed, human ignorance and human conflict.

Facing the Pandemic and the Great Waves of Change

At this moment in history, humanity is facing a great pandemic, a worldwide pandemic, a pandemic that came from nature, a pandemic that is highly dangerous, transmissible and highly effective at moving around the world with all the travel and interaction that human nations and populations have and engagements with one another.

Signs from the World

Many people today are feeling anxious about the future. They are feeling anxious about the course that humanity is taking and about the great difficulties that are emerging within and beyond nations. Perhaps their fears are associated with specific things or specific tendencies. But however they evaluate their feelings, their feelings are giving them a sign and a clue that the world is entering a more difficult and prolonged challenge and set of circumstances. Regardless of people’s beliefs and assumptions, their feelings, if they can be anticipated and really considered, will give them these signs.

Understanding the Intervention

While people are preoccupied with their daily lives, and while nations are preoccupied with their economic difficulties and their contentions and agreements with one another, the Intervention has been growing in the world. Though it represents a small force, it is having a growing influence. This is the power of persuasion that is used immensely and to great effect within the universe around you, within a Greater Community of intelligent life, of which humanity is but a very small part.