The Messenger’s Calling

God has sent a Messenger into the world, sent from the Angelic Assembly he is. He is the first Messenger to come since the days of Muhammad. And another will not be sent for a very long time. His role is so important. He is bringing something into the world that has never been brought… Read More

The Importance of the Greater Community

The importance of the Greater Community cannot be underestimated in the New Message because ultimately humanity is preparing for its future within this larger arena of intelligent life. But it is unprepared and has no way to prepare itself, facing now an Intervention from beyond the world by races who seek to take advantage of… Read More

The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed

God is aware of the suffering of humanity. God is aware of the poverty of humanity and the oppression of people—oppression both by the dictates of government and religious leaders and oppression by circumstances. It is the condition of humanity that the New Message from God must address. And it is the future of humanity… Read More