A global pandemic—we were warned about this

By Reed Summers March 27, 2020 We are now living inside the reality of a global pandemic. COVID19, the illness caused by a novel coronavirus that emerged in late December 2019 is causing hundreds of thousands to fall ill and many thousands to die. Already this is closing borders, crippling economies and causing many of… Read More

Iran and Coronavirus: Looking through the lens of Pandemic

Looking Through the Lens of Pandemic  The Messenger’s Journey to Iran: Opening the Floodgates of Revelation By Patricia Summers As this Great Waves event and pandemic spread worldwide, I think of people in countries around the world most immediately challenged by the coronavirus. One of these countries is Iran, where the number of confirmed coronavirus… Read More

Is He God’s New Messenger?

The Ozy article “Is He God’s New Messenger?” gets into the legitimate controversy of who Marshall Vian Summers claims to be, but it does not give the reader a real sense of the depth, scope and purpose of the Revelation he has received or his own teachings, and their importance to people everywhere in finding their true strength and direction in life.

The Mind, Religion and Belief

The Messenger is calling us to cultivate the “inner sanctum” of our experience and to safeguard our mind from creating walls and barriers and ultimately a “fortress of belief” against others whose beliefs are different from our own. Unfortunately, this is how religion, which is meant to unite people beyond their differences, has become a force for differentiation, separation and ultimately conflict in the world.

Jesus Was Part of a Greater Order

I am seeing now that Jesus was incubated in the environment of a greater assembly. It was from this Angelic assembly that he came to be a messenger for humanity. I have come to realize this.