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Humanity will have to be ever more vigilant in the new world, ever more careful, ever more considering of the consequences of current actions, more restrained in its use of resources, more restrained in how nations intervene with one another, more circumspect, more responsible, more concerned with the outcome in the future.

Already a large proportion of humanity is hungry, does not have clean water, does not have stability, security in their own villages, towns and communities.

This will grow, leading nations into revolution, bringing into power even more dangerous individuals and groups, creating further instability. Even the average citizen now must begin to wake up from their obsessions, their addictions, and their preoccupations in order to pay attention to the changing circumstances of life around them.

It is within this that certain individuals will begin to reclaim a greater intelligence that resides within each person, an intelligence which we call Knowledge, a greater mind unspoiled by the world and unafraid of the world.

If you can respond, this is a time when your true calling will emerge.

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on January 9, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    This is so true. Regardless of what is currently said, mankind is facing a future where more disciplined, restrained consumption of resources will be legally mandatory. Recycling will prevail with manufacturers bearing the brunt of responsibility for what they sell to the public. Sophisticated computer facilities will identify and sort the trash collected each day for reuse. Higher manufacturing standards will be implemented to lessen the recycling cost. Computer-controlled food rationing for each and every human being will be mandatory to minimize unnecessary intake. Even population will be under control so that no imbalance between resources and consumers will occur. At that time
    only a relatively small percent of the population will be eligible for reproduction since the human genome has suffered so much from radiation and chemical pollution. Does this sound like a nightmare scenario from the tyranny of the Beast empire? Surprisingly, it describes the situation of the Kingdom of God within the three or four centuries. Everyone then will regard these proscriptions as simple common sense.

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