The Blueprint for Advancement

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For the first time in history, you are being given a greater panorama of life in which to understand yourself, your life and your purpose for being in the world at this time. But to see this and to understand this, you must have a greater understanding and comprehension, not bound in ancient philosophies and theology, but bound in a greater understanding of God’s work in the universe.

For the first time in all of history, this is being given to the human family, not as a grand journey for a few people to take and to experience, but for the safety of humanity, the preservation of human civilization and the cultivation of a greater freedom in the world, greater than anything that has been established here before.

The purpose then is of critical importance. Do not think this is a personal journey of excitement. It is a blueprint for survival in a Greater Community of life in the universe. It is a blueprint for uniting the world’s religions sufficiently that they will cease their opposition to one another and begin to support one another, each giving unique features, practices and understanding to the human family. For God has initiated them all, and they are all here to serve the growth and preservation of the human family.

    • The above passage is from the Revelation “God’s Plan is to Save Everyone” which is the focus of study and contemplation in this month’s Free School.  The Free School is a global community of people studying the New Message from God and sharing it with others. Enroll and participate in the Free School today!
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